How to Sync Any Folder from Mac to Dropbox

In this guide, I would brief you guys on how to Sync any Mac folder to dropbox. However, synchronizing any folder from mac to dropbox makes your file or folder accessible from both your Mac and dropbox. And the advantage of this synchronization makes you easily access your file from any other mobile device or computer via dropbox, because it’s a cloud storage.

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Simply follow the below procedures and your task would be successful, as long as you don’t skip a step from the guide provided below.

Sync Any Folder from Mac to Dropbox

1.       Firstly, download Dropbox for Mac here and install the app.

2.       After installation, open terminal from your Mac, and input the below command and hit enter.
cd /Users/YourMacUsernameHere/Dropbox

3.       Once you’ve input the above command, a new command line like “Your-Computer-Name:Dropbox YourUserName$” would be displayed, then type command In -s ~/FolderNameHere and press return from your Mac.

4.       The above would generate a symbolic link, then remember to change FolderNmaeHere to the name you want.

5.       To create symlink on desktop, input the command in, “-s ~/Desktop” and hit return, perform same operation to create symlink in desktop, but input command in -s ~/Documents, same method works if you wish to create in any other file path.

6.       Once you’ve performed the above procedure, then your dropbox would start uploading all the symlinked folders and synchronizing process would begin.

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That’s it. Hope you find the guide useful? Feel free to share this post to your social profiles.

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How to Sync Any Folder from Mac to Dropbox
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