Download Transparent Launcher v1.2 APK for Android

Transparent Launcher is one of the best android launchers that would give your android device a perfect look. However, the launcher screen launcher helps to transparent your android phone.

Transparent Launcher Free is also a high quality app that makes use of the phone's camera to grant the mobile screen a transparent background as though you are using live transparent wallpaper.

Besides transparent theme, the transparent launcher is an excellent launcher which provides beautiful app icons and user interface. It is highly optimized and uses only a very small amount of your phone s resources so that it will bring you smooth operation and experience.

Where to download?
You can download the transparent launcher from playstore. If you wish to download from your computer, then I advise you learn how to download Playstore apps directly to your computer.

Looking for an Alternative App?
If you’re looking for an alternative app, then I advise you try transparent screen launcher. Download also from playstore, it’s a little bit different from the transparent launcher.

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Download Transparent Launcher v1.2 APK for Android
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