Can Microsoft Compete With Others in Smartphone Scene?

The Smart phone scene is without question something of a monopolization that Apple reigns supreme over. Apple and their line of iPhone's have taken over the world as the most popular smart phone and there is no doubt that when they release a product, the masses of people will flock to the stores and outlet malls to pick up the latest model of iPhone. With that being said, there are a handful of companies that run the market as well, including Droid and Samsung.

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Although there are a substantial amount of companies that make smart phones, the bulk of people stick to one of these three companies and it truly is hard to blame them. Not only are they the most advertised, get the most attention in every respect and have the best technology, but they are flat out the "in" phones to have. Apple has gotten so popular that it is almost a fashion statement and this is only bolstered by the fact that they put out the best products on the market, although some people would debate that.

The reality is that they have a strong hold on the market and that loyalty is not going to go anywhere anytime soon. You can simply ask a mac user about their computer preferences and you will get responses from die hard fans and users that will simply not go back to using a PC. Microsoft has been trying to enter the smart phone market for a long time and have been eyeing up their competition thoroughly. The reality is that they would have an extremely hard time breaking into the top of the smart phone market, although there is no doubt that they would have many buyers from the get go, due to the fact that many people prefer Microsoft computers and that preference will undoubtedly transfer over to their choices when they purchase a phone.

The phones that Microsoft has come out with in the past have left a lot to be desired and flat out did not have very much eye appeal. They truly resemble the computers that they make, as they are far less flashy than Apple computers and are more focused on the software that is running the devices.

In all fairness, they would have a decent shot at entering the market and generating a decent amount of sales, but the thought of them creating a major splash in the smart phone market seems a bit outlandish. There are far too many people that are absolutely happy with their Apple iPhone's and would never consider going to another company. At the same time, there are bunches of people that feel that way about the various other companies that are on the market, especially that of Android. However, Microsoft could look at the picture and come up with the better strategy of entering the market, which would be to come in with drastically cheaper prices.

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There is no question that Microsoft can develop a great cell phone if they truly wanted to, as demonstrated by their technological prowess over the last several decades, but in order to truly make a large hit in the smart phone world, they would have to undercut prices. The fact that the best smart phones on the market right now are going for well over six hundred dollars indicates that they could come into the market with a phone for three or four hundred dollars and steal a great deal of the business. However, it would still take a ton of convincing and immense amounts of marketing to get people interested enough to make the switch from who they normally purchase phones from.

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Can Microsoft Compete With Others in Smartphone Scene?
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