How to Take a Screen Snapshot (Screenshots) on Tecno Camon C8

Taking screen snapshot on from your tecno camon c8 is of great importance. A screen shot (picture) paints a thousand words.

Before I get started with today's guide, I would love to highlight the importance of taking screen snapshots from your device.

Importance of Taking Screen Snapshots

 1. Screen snapshots can be used to pass brief or specific information to any individual.

2. Screen snapshots can be used to take record specified history, I.e, chat history like whatsapp or social messaging app chats.

3. Screen snapshot is used among bloggers or editorials to guide or direct their readers on a given piece of info. Etc.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on how to take screen snapshots from any tecno camon c8.

1. Firstly, go to the area of where you wish to take the screen snapshot (screen shot)

2. Then, press both Power and volume down button, continuously.

Once you've performed the above operation, you would notice a flashing image that would be shown by the borders of your screen of your device. You might also hear a sound, which confirms that the screen shot is taken successfully.

NB: The screen snapshot that you've take would be located at you’re /picture directory and it would be inside a folder named screenshots.

Hope the above guide on how to take screenshots from your Tecno Camon c8 really helps. Stay blessed!

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How to Take a Screen Snapshot (Screenshots) on Tecno Camon C8
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