How to Track and Locate Your Lost or Stolen Laptop

Learn how you can easily track, locate and find your lost or stolen laptop.

In the world of technology today, things are becoming less frustrating, in the sense that you people don’t get so frustrated even if their personal gadgets becomes stolen or lost because there are various ways to track them down.

Assuming you’ve a laptop, and you wish to learn how to track, locate or find it once it get lost or stolen, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, I would walk you through the process on how you can easily track your lost or stolen laptop.

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How to Track and Locate Your Lost or Stolen Laptop

1.       Firstly, using your computer, visit prey website from here.

2.       After that, you’ll need to sign up with your details.

3.       Now login your acct and proceed to the prey app site, then click on the download prey button

4.       After you’ve clicked on the download prey button, you’ll receive a popup requesting your OS, simply click on Windows, just as seen in the image below.

5.       Download and install the file on your computer, then launch.

6.       Select existing user, as seen in the image below.

7.       This would include your system for prey protection. You’ll receive a message, as seen in the image below.

8.       Now, you can set your device to missing, if it gets stolen or lost.

That’s it. Your device is now easily tracked with the help of prey site. Hope this helps? Simply share this tutorial with your friends and social friends via the help of the share buttons.

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How to Track and Locate Your Lost or Stolen Laptop
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