Split PST - Get Hold of Your Outlook Data Storage

Data management is a vital requirement for all types of users regardless of the environment in which it is used. Outlook Data Files are the most common files to be encountering maintenance issues due to its incapability of handling larger file storage. Although the latest versions of Outlook feature 50 GB and extendable storage, the slowdown in client performance bothers users. A thorough testing of a product with the said capability of providing manageability to Outlook data file will be portrayed in the following technical review. This review will reveal the monetary and technical worth of the product, namely Split PST for an end user.

Outlook PST splitter was tested on a computer configured with Windows 7 Ultimate. The system configurations included Intel Core i3 processor and a RAM of 2 GB of which 1.87 GB was usable. Following qualities were discovered on testing the application.

Why Consider Split PST for Data Management?

The application features certain qualities (proven with testing) that make it worth being chosen above all utilities of its potential, for attaining manageability of PST file.
  • Splits Outlook Data File: The application features an adept quality of splitting Outlook data file for serving manageability of its storage. Outlook starts encountering performance related issues as soon as its data file storage size begins to increase. Splitting of data into multiple files of smaller size helps sustain the data yet not run into performance issues.
  • Splits by Date and Year: You can split data file by a particular date and year range. The software lets you choose a range of date and separates out data before and after the specified date in two PST files respectively. Meanwhile, a range of years need to be selected for the software to generate a PST file containing data of each year and any year falling in between.
  • Splits by Folder and Size: With this facility, a user can divide PST file based on the folders in it. Moreover, splitting can also be done based on specified size, which is the most important aspect of the application in serving manageability.
  • Reporting & Comparison: A complete report at the end of dividing PST file contents as per the specified mode is generated by the software. This report is auto generated and saved at the destination location chosen for output PST file(s) and helps compare the source and resultant PST.
  • Choose PST File Type: The application works with both, ANSI as well as Unicode, i.e. PST file belonging to any / all versions of Microsoft Outlook. The user is given the option to choose an Outlook version according to the type of source PST file that will be processed.

What Lacks In The Program?

Two things seem to be evidently lacking in the application. They have been mentioned below:
  • Multiple Files Cannot Be Processed: PST files in multiple numbers cannot be processed with this application. It is not possible to split more than one PST file, which may put off users with the respective need.
  • Cannot Deal With Corrupt File: The software is unable to process Outlook Data File corrupted due to exceeding of file size limitation or other miscellaneous reasons. The file should be in a healthy state in order to be split up using the tool.
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Observational Verdict: Split PST proved to be a bankable product as per user point of view. There were certain lacking points too in the application, nevertheless its effortless performance and guaranteed output makes sure that the end user is satisfied. Therefore, the application can be rated 9 out of 10 as per the top notch qualities it has to offer. Overall, the PST Splitter application is great to attain manageability of Outlook data file and the several modes of splitting further enhance user experience.

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Split PST - Get Hold of Your Outlook Data Storage
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