6 Best Android Custom ROMS for Rooted Device

This content details the 6 best Android Custom ROMS for Rooted devices. However, custom ROMS are third party developer’s version of any recent Android operating system.

Android custom roms are highly requested because with the help of custom roms, you can get the latest unofficial Android OS from the custom rom developers, and it also creates room for customization, that is, you can customize and tweak your android device to your own taste.

In this content, I’ll detail you guys with the 6 most demanded Android custom roms for rooted android device.

6 Best Android Custom ROMS for Rooted Device

1.       CyanogenMod 

CyanogenMod is the most popular aftermarket firmware for a number of cell phones based on the open-source Android operating system. However, this is the most demanding custom rom that offers lots of features which can’t be found in the official Android based firmwares of vendors.

The custom rom quickly makes an update whenever there is a recent Android OS update, and the ROM completely changes the interface of rooted Android device, giving it the best look and highly customizable.

2.       Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is another demanded custom rom that helps extend the system of the device by working and also enhancing the already existing beauty of the device, giving the device the best look at the end of the day.

The Paranoid android custom rom offers, hover features, immersive mode, pie mode, pick mode, dynamic system bar and the best theme engine. Most of these features can’t be activated on the normal android stock rom, but all integrated in paranoid android custom rom.

3.       Pac-Man

This custom rom is proudly hosted by basketbuild. However, it enhances the experience of your android device. The design and interface is really great and it’s one of the best custom rom with high customization theme engine. You can get the latest nightly builds from Pac-mac.

4.       MIUI

This is a fast developing custom rom that comes with catchy looks and smooth design. For those of you that are familiar with XIAOMI devices, this custom rom features Xiaomi cool interface and some extra features that you can’t get in the default android stock roms.

5.       AOKP

In terms of popularity, AOKP is the next android custom rom following Cyanogenmod. This custom rom features navigation ring, that is, you can add up to 5 custom applications or actions to your navigation ring to reach everything you need as fast as possible. However, it offers other features like vibration pattern and custom toggles which can’t be enabled in the android default stock roms.

6.       SlimROM

Slim Rom is my favorite android custom rom. As it lets me change DPI of fonts and other settings. With slimROM, you can select any Google Play service that you want to run on your device and this ROM is the best rom to remote bloatware. If you’re looking for the simplest custom rom, I advise you go with Slim ROM.

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That’s it on the 6 Best Android Custom ROMS for Rooted Device. If you know of any other awesome custom rom that can make the list up to ten, feel free to let the audience know via the comment section.

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6 Best Android Custom ROMS for Rooted Device
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