5 Software Testing Best Practices for Quality Assurance

Software testing is the most crucial part of developing any software as it ensures quality and that the code exactly provides the results it is designed to yield.  Sometimes you may be too much focused on the testing process itself that you forget to design a proper strategy for your software testing process.  Following is a guideline which will help you design a robust testing process which helps you to enforce quality standards.


1 Quality in development

The best prevention is cure, the same goes with the software testing process.  To have higher standards of quality you must ensure that the quality is the focus from the beginning. This means that the developers are coding to ensure quality.  The customer experience is directly related to the developers and if they haven’t done an excellent job no advanced software testing practice could deliver quality.


2 Test driven developments

Empower your developers with test driven development methodologies which encourage more collaboration between the developer, the team and the customers. Test driven development has a series of structured test owned by developers. In traditional testing methods testing is a separate process from development but when developers are also responsible for quality the overall testing process is improved considerably.


3 User feedback

The most crucial component of software testing is user feedback, many a time the development and testing team tend to forget that quality of the software would depend on user satisfaction. Even a masterpiece of code which delivers exactly what is meant to deliver will not woo the customer if it is not doing what the customer wants it to do. Agile software development requires having a steady flow of code from development team to the user. The shippable product allows the customer to give feedback and the development team instant respond to the feedback ensure a successful development.


4 A strong testing team

Even with the test driven development the importance of test engineers can’t be negated. The testing team acts as an interface between development team and customers to ensure quality. The test engineers should be the part of software development process early on as when they are better informed about the customer’s vision and developer’s capabilities, they can produce better results at their end.


5 Effective Testing process

Design a testing process which includes unit test, integration test and functional tests. The unit test for testing individual components. The test is to ensure that the components can handle inputs and outputs effectively.  The integration testing is done to ensure that the components can perform nicely when they are put together as a subsystem.  The functional testing is done to replicate user scenarios where the software is tested in different situations to ensure quality.

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From the above practices we can ensure that quality standards are enforced. These practices suggest that testing is not the sole responsibility of testing team but it is a collaborative process between cross functional teams. Therefore quality is the responsibility of each and every person involved in the process.
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5 Software Testing Best Practices for Quality Assurance
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