How to Track who views Your Facebook Profile – 2016 Method

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network with billions of registered members and thousands of newly registered members daily. However, Facebook comes with great features and tracking views on your Facebook profile isn’t integrated in Facebook.

Tracking visitors that viewed your profile can be tricky sometimes, moreover, there is lot of scam application that steals user’s personal information, claiming to let you know who viewed your profile. With the method I’ll be revealing to you… you will be able to track anyone that goes through your Facebook profile, and amount of views you get on your Facebook profile, and also getting to know visitors who has been looking at your Facebook profile.

How to Track who views Your Facebook Profile

1.       Firstly, download the chrome plugin codenamed “Profile Visitors” using Google Chrome browser.

2.       Now, login your Facebook account, and you’ll notice an extra tab “Visitors” on your Facebook.

3.       After that, tab on the tab, and you’ll get a pop-up showing visitors that viewed your Facebook profile. However, only visitors that already installed the extension will be seen.

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This is the best method I can recommend for anybody, as it is 100% safe, and ads free… Other technique discovered using an app or extension can end up disclosing your Facebook details… so I advise you stick with this method.

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How to Track who views Your Facebook Profile – 2016 Method
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