How to Unfollow All Facebook Groups on One Click – Stop Shitty Notifications

The rate at which friends drags you to their Facebook groups without your permission can be so annoying. On one of my Facebook accounts, I’ve joined upto 350 Facebook groups that I don’t have knowledge about, and the rate which I receive notifications from each of these shitty groups is so frustrating.

As of last year being 2015 (as of the date of publishing), I was looking for ways to stop these notifications from coming in, I noticed that going to each of those groups to stop notifications was a waste of time. I was like, damn… WTF have my friends gotten me into. How can I continue to get notified for useless updates. I kept questioning myself, and rummaged over the internet to get a solution. I was lucky to find one tho.

The one-click trick for Facebook groups unfollow is one of the latest Facebook tips and tricks I’ll be unveiling to you this 2016. So, without much say, I’ll quickly walk you through the process.

 How to Unfollow All Facebook Groups at Once using One-click Method?

1.       Firstly, download this latest Google chrome extension for executing this trick. The extension name is Facebook social toolkit. Make sure that you’re logged into Chrome browser, then download the extension here.

2.       After that, in the extension, you get so many features outside the Facebook groups unfollow, there are some paid features and other free features.

3.       Once the extension is successfully added to your Chrome browser, then log into your Facebook account.

4.       Now, click on the extension, scroll down and click on “Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once” under Facebook removal tools. You’ll get a pop-up asking you to confirm removal, confirm it.

5.       That’s it, within few seconds, notifications from all groups will be deactivated and you’ll stop receiving unnecessary notifications from all Facebook groups.

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That’s all on how to unfollow all Facebook groups at once using One-click method… Thanks to the lovely extension. Stay tuned, as I’ll be publishing a guide on how to use the premium features on the extension for free to execute other Facebook tricks. More Facebook tricks and tips loading… stay tuned!!!

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How to Unfollow All Facebook Groups on One Click – Stop Shitty Notifications
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