[Latest] List of free Netflix Accounts and Passwords – Get free Premium Accounts

Netflix is known to be the most recommended streaming app that is recognized worldwide with over 80 million subscribers and still counting. However, this application lets users stream TV shows/series and movies legally without any violation. The streaming quality of the application is excellent with a top-notched audio quality.

Netflix usually changes their catalogue frequently, and keeps user updated with their favorite TV shows and movies. Unlike every other streaming app, Netflix provides user with quality video, even as high as 1080p which can be shown clear on a 4k resolution device.

Although, Netflix got three rivals which include iTunes, Amazon instant video and Hulu, but I do prefer Netflix to them because of their regular updates and affordability.

Netflix as the king if online streaming, you get to watch the latest movies and TV shows/series anywhere by streaming through your gadgets, iPhone, Android, computer and other mobile devices, there’s no commercials unlike most TV shows and series you watch on TV and then get commercials.

Who wants to wait for a commercial break at this age, but with Netflix, you stand a chance to watch the entire TV series. You know one thing about commercials, most of them ends up with a cliff-hanger, more like binge watching. So, if you’re not a Netflix user, I advise you join the moving train now.

Recently, I was working on providing users with free Netflix account, that is, you get premium account details for Netflix at no cost. So I’ll be providing you’ll with some latest list of free Netflix accounts and passwords which you can use to stream Netflix videos without subscription.

You might be wondering if this is legal, of course it is. Anyone we’ve an active Netflix subscription can freely share with friends, so it’s not a bad thing or doesn’t violate Netflix terms and conditions if an active Netflix account details is shared to public.

Before I reveal the list of the free Netflix account, let me inform you that Netflix gives users a one month free trial to make use of their service. However, you can cancel your billing details after the trial period so you won’t get charged for the next month. So be low is how to unsubscribe or cancel Netflix subscription.

1.       Firstly, make sure that your mobile device or computer is connected to the internet.

2.       After that, go to your Netflix account, click on profile image and select “Your account” in the drop down section.

3.       Next, under membership and billing, simply select cancel subscription and you’re done.

The free Netflix accounts and passwords I’m about revealing are premium users account which has an active Netflix subscription. So you’re strongly advised to use them and stream videos and watch your favorite TV shows on your device without changing any of the account details. Please don’t compromise any of these accounts as other users can enjoy the usage of those accounts.

I’ve compressed the list of the free Netflix account and password in zip format and it’s locked. The passcode to unzip is www.guruswizard.com. Please take note that the passcode is written in small letters. Accounts generated with Netflix premium account generator as said by many, but this is manual.

Where to download free Netflix Accounts and Passwords?

The free Netflix accounts and passwords can be downloaded here. Password is revealed above and accounts are working fine with active subscriptions.

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That’s it on the list of free Netflix account and password. If you encounter any difficulty using any of these accounts, please do let us know via comment section and we’ll make a replacement. You’re also free to share this accounts with friends and remember to tell them not to change the details on any of these accounts.

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[Latest] List of free Netflix Accounts and Passwords – Get free Premium Accounts
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