How to Schedule Text Messages on Android and iPhone

Ever wanted to send the right message at the right time? Then scheduling your text messages is the best thing to do. This works as a reminder, for instance, if your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s birthday is approaching any moment from now, and you want to wish the person during the day of his or her birthday, I’d advise you schedule the text message days or even months before his/her birthday, so even if you get carried away with activities during the day of his/her birthday, then the scheduled text is a good cover.

There are other advantages of scheduling messages, maybe, meeting reminder, invitations and lots more. The key fact is making sure that your text messages get to the recipient at the right time.

Today, I’ll be your guide on how to schedule text messages using your Android devices, iPhone and iPad devices. At the end of the guide, if you got any other contribution or say, feel free to let us know via comment section.

How to Schedule Text Messages on Android Phones

Scheduling text messages on android devices is pretty easy. With the help of some useful apps, you can let it happen. So, let me quickly brief you on a recommended application to use in scheduling of text messages on android.

App Name: SMS Scheduler

SMS scheduler is a useful tool for sending automated text messages in various time intervals and frequencies. Never forget to wish a college, family or friend their happy birthday wishes. With the help of SMS scheduler, you get to schedule birthday wishes text to them at the right time. You can even be the first to wish them once you schedule the messages at the right date and time (12:01AM).

Some features of the SMS scheduler includes, sending messages to multiple recipients, select recipients from contacts or type in, flexible scheduling system, conversation thread generated for sent messages, sent and delivered message history available, status bar notification and many more.
You can also get to schedule text messages on iPhone and iPad devices. The scheduling system in iOS devices works perfectly and very easy.  Let me quickly brief you on how to schedule text messages on iPhone or iPad devices.

1.       Firstly, go to Appstore from your iPhone or iPad device.

2.       After that, search for the application named “Stock messages

3.       Once you’ve downloaded the application, install and launch.

4.       Now, follow the on-screen instruction to get started.

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That’s it on how to schedule text messages. If you got any other recommendation, feel free to let us know via comment section and don’t forget to share this brief tips with your friends on social networks.

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How to Schedule Text Messages on Android and iPhone
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