Download Angry Birds Action! APK Game for Android

Are you a big fan of Angry Bird Gmaeplay? I’m happy to inform you that Rovio Entertainment ltd has finally unveiled Angry birds Action in their Arcade gaming section. However, the game is made available for Android users.

The Angry Bird Action is focused to Pull, Aim and then action. In the game, you get to send the angry birds through obstacles and bouncing from one wall to another like birds that are wrecking to save some precious eggs.

Unlike every other angry bird you do play, the angry bird Action is more like playing a pinball game, jumping from walls to walls, passing through obstacles and all that other moves you get to find on a pinball game, but this time, played with classic angry birds. Dope isn’t it?

Remember, the main objective of the game is to save eggs, so with all the wall hits and pass through obstacles; you’ll need to be recharged from time to time. The gameplay is as the heroic trio from The Angry Birds Movie.

The game also features stuffs like bird codes that allows you scan the round badges found on the angry birds and lets you access loads of new contents, power-ups for the game, mini games and lots more. You can get the bird codes everywhere on most location, so just keep your eyes peeled.

Where to download Angry Birds Action?

The Angry Birds Action! Game is already available on google playstore (download here). If you wish to download on your computer, follow this guide here to download directly to your computer. I’m pretty sure the game would work on the latest bluestack. Read about Bluestack 2 and get to know its features.

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Download Angry Birds Action! APK Game for Android
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1 May 2016 at 16:39 delete

I love the game, it is truely loaded with super actions but my problem is the gems and money on the game is not that much for me cause i don't have money to buy them so i made i research and i stumbled upon THIS SITE with the cracked version so i decide to share it here so the angry birds fans can enjoy with me.