How to Track Phone Habit with Checky on Android and iOS

Checky is a very simple application that checks on the number of times you make use of either your android or iPhone device. The application comes with one of the most simplified interface and very much user friendly.

Having downloaded checky app you get insight into your device checking habit. With this, you become more aware on how often you make use of your device on daily basis and it also helps you make changes on how often you use your device.

The interest of using this app is only to the time conscious ones because not everyone wants to spend the whole day on their smartphone. With checky, you get to know if you’re becoming an addict using your smartphone. So it’s advisable knowing how much you make use of your smartphone.

The checky app isn’t all that rated well due to they lack one major feature which is widget. It would be advisable if the developers of this app can also integrate the stats as an android or iOS widget, so as to enable users easily track their phone habit on home screen.

Where to download Checky?

Download Checky for Android here and iOS here.

Hope this helps? If you got any issue or any other feature you feel should be integrated on the app, simply let me know via comment section.

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How to Track Phone Habit with Checky on Android and iOS
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