You Can Now Download Whatsapp for PC & Mac without Emulators

Whatsapp finally launches their desktop application which is compatible for both windows PC and Mac computer. However, their desktop application doesn’t require any emulator to get it running unlike the whatsapp apk that needs bluestack to work on PC & Mac or the whatsapp web that requires browser.

Just like the Whatsapp web, the desktop app would require a smartphone to mirror conversations and history. You get t scan QR code using the Whatsapp on your phone. The advantage of using the whatsapp desktop app is that you get notified via desktop and keyboard shortcut features is included.

The Whatsapp desktop app is said to run on PCs running on windows 8 and above and also on Mac computers running on MAC OS 10.9 and above. However, the desktop app is ads-free as promised.

Where to Download Whatsapp Desktop App?

The whatsapp desktop app download links is made available on Whatsapp official page. Click here to download whatsapp for Windows PC & MAC.

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This would serve you a better alternative compared to whatsapp web or whatsapp app via emulators. Hopefully, we expect them to improve their desktop interface and make it independent as it still depends on smartphone to get connected just like the whatsapp web.

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You Can Now Download Whatsapp for PC & Mac without Emulators
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