World Trade center Attack code, 911 Notepad trick

Notepad got lot of tricks and hacks, but the World trade center attack notepad trick reminds me of the September 2001 attack that was coordinated by Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda on the United States. It’s a day that won’t be forgotten by the US citizen.

That’s by the way. The World trade center attack notepad trick is a simple trick that describes how dreadful that day was. Showing a plan, attack zone and the skull crossed. It’s a very old trick, but new to most of you that hasn’t still heard about it. You can also call this trick the 911 Notepad trick.

How to perform this trick?

1.       To perform this trick, first launch your Notepad

2.       After that, input “Q33N” (without quotes) in your notepad, make sure it’s in capital letters

3.       Next, go to the top navigation menu of Notepad and click Format >> Font and change font size to 72.

4.       Once you’ve changed the font size to 72, also change the font to Wingdings.

5.       That’s all.

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World Trade center Attack code, 911 Notepad trick
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