5 Best Money Making Apps for Android and iPhone with Payment via PayPal

It’s been a while I published article on simple money making techniques as I’ve focused this blog more on tech guides. However, I finally discovered a strategy to make money (easiest money making strategy) using some useful apps with high rewards and get paid via PayPal, amazon gift cards wih some other payment methods available.

So, if you’ve not gotten a PayPal account, I advise you do that right away. If your country isn’t listed on PayPal menu, I advise you generate a USA PayPal account and then verify with either a USA number or verify with a Payoneer account. I can guide you through that means; just let me know via comment section if you’re experiencing any difficulty with that.

Today, I’ll reveal 5 amazing mobile apps that can earn you reasonable amount, and as long as you always have an active data plan on your device, then you’re good to earning high rewards from the apps and get paid via PayPal.


Tap cash reward is one of the best android app (as it’s available for android only) to make money with. This app is a very simple app and user friendly. You get rewarded for installing free apps and games on your device, get earned for what you love most and get paid via amazon gift card or PayPal.

To make money with this application, all you need to simply do is download the app from Google play and install on your device. After that, download the hottest apps and games via tap cash reward app to get rewards, complete simple offers by running the downloaded files on your device and double your income. You get to redeem your reward via amazon gift card to PayPal.

You can earn extra rewards by becoming a VIP member, simply verify your account with Facebook, your daily login is rewarded and many more.

2.       CASHPOINT

Cash point is another great android app for making money. This app offers high rewards via coins which are later valuated to dollars and payment is issued via PayPal, Amazon gift card, Google play gift and steam gift card.

What you simply need to do is install their apps from Google play, complete their simple offers and get rewarded for your job well done. The app also features what we call lucky wheel which lets you earn free cash by tapping. Cool isn’t it?

So, if you’re looking for the easiest means to making money from your android device, I advise you try cashpoint. At least, you dedicate few minutes daily to earning free rewards from this app.

3.       TRYMYAPP

This is another amazing money making app for both android and iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) devices. This application provides it’s user with lot of free task, and each task is evaluated for a certain amount, therefore, you get rewarded after completion of tasks.

With this app, you get to redeem free gift via amazon gift cards, steam gift card and some other payment methods. However, doing abundant of tasks offered by the apps earns you more and more rewards.

Bonus tips, you get more rewards from invitation, that is, you get 50% commission of every income from whosoever registered with your referral link. However, the tasks offered by the app pays well, you can get up to 40cent from each task which approximates $0.40.

Let’s do the maths… you devote 20mins of your time daily to complete 20 task (each task for a min or less). Now, multiply 20 with $0.40. 20 x $0.40 = $8. At least $8 daily with just 20mins of your time. Come to think of devoting an hour of your time daily, that will definitely triple the earnings, which makes it $24 daily. So, I advise you value your time and make some few bucks with this.

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4.       SURVEY MINI

Survey mini is also among the best money making app for mobile phones. This app is made available for both android and iOS users. You get to download customer’s favorite lifestyle with this app and get high rewards.

What survey mini actually does is to reward users for answering quick survey questions (not more than 11) and get rewarded; you also get discounts from certain restaurants, foot stores and lot more. So, as long as you got opinions, you reveal them and get rewarded for your opinions.

Simply download survey mini for either iPhone or android, complete survey and get paid via PayPal with some other payment methods included.

5.       QUICK CASH

You must be fond of spending hours on your mobile device; still you don’t get paid for that? Weird isn’t it? It’s time to change that mindset and devote your time for something more useful. Just like every other making money apps, you get high rewards for each task completed via Quick cash.

Don’t waste hours on your device doing nothing; get started with Quick cash to earn extra bucks on surveys. With Quick cash, you get to make up to $5 every 5mins, isn’t that cool? How many of you make a dollar every min? I advise you not to miss this opportunity as you get focused on TIME VALUE & MONEY.

You can get the app from Google play, install the app on your android device and gift paid via PayPal after every survey completed.

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That’s all for the best money making apps for mobile phones. I’m aware there are so many other apps that promise similar offers, but the ones highlighted above are the ones I came across with good quality, high recommendation and great reviews. So, I advise you get start with any of them. If I were you, I would make use of the 5 applications, so I get to earn rewards from everyone of the app. at least, that would increase your earning potential on daily basics.

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5 Best Money Making Apps for Android and iPhone with Payment via PayPal
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