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Download Latest WIFI WPS WPA TESTER for Android – No Root required

Is your device connected to WiFi network that its password isn’t revealed to you? Or have you forgotten your router WiFi password? Then, with the help of WiFi WPS WPA tester, you can easily hack into the router and recover your WiFi password.

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER for android is an application designed to recover WiFi password for connected devices, as it can locate as many router as possible and provide users with the password to the connected ones.

The New method to Hide SMS or Private Messages on Android

Receiving private messages is one thing, keeping it safe and secured is another deal. Most individual are fund of exposing their private messages to public. Do you know that you your account security can be easily compromised if the number used in receiving bank notification aren’t secured? There are also several reasons we should keep our SMS private and secured.

Recently, I came across a new method to keeping private messages locked out from eye prying, and unlike every other method, this method seems to work perfectly and gives your SMS the maximum security. With the help of the application I’ll be revealing, you stand a chance to hide all your private messages from eye prying.

5 Best Money Making Apps for Android and iPhone with Payment via PayPal

It’s been a while I published article on simple money making techniques as I’ve focused this blog more on tech guides. However, I finally discovered a strategy to make money (easiest money making strategy) using some useful apps with high rewards and get paid via PayPal, amazon gift cards wih some other payment methods available.

So, if you’ve not gotten a PayPal account, I advise you do that right away. If your country isn’t listed on PayPal menu, I advise you generate a USA PayPal account and then verify with either a USA number or verify with a Payoneer account. I can guide you through that means; just let me know via comment section if you’re experiencing any difficulty with that.

Download Fing Network tools on Android to Spy WiFi Networks

You are about to download Fing Network tools Free Apk for Android.

Ever wanted to spy on someone who’s connected on your WiFi network? With the help of Fing network analyzer, you get fast and accurate results of devices connected to your WiFi network. This isn’t new to PC users as I already detailed a guide on how to view devices connected to your WiFi network. So, if you’ve not gone through the guide, I advise you do that right away.

Fing network tool help to provide professional network analysis to android users. However the interface of the app is very intuitive and also helps you evaluate security level for your network to detect intruders (those who hacked into your WiFi network) and also help solve network issues.

How to Backup SMS and Restore on Android [One-click Method]

Generally, android devices don’t feature backup option for most data which includes text messages or short message service (SMS). However, as we are more dependent on our devices as a means of sending text data and also receiving, then it’s important we create a backup for every text data.

As know, there are various ways to backup sms on android, but these techniques requires a computer or some kind of tweaking which is hell lot of process, but the one-click method I’ll be revealing to you makes backup easy and automated, as you can always restore anytime and anywhere.

Download ZAnti Penetration Testing Hacking toolkit for Android

You’re about to download ZAnti, the commonest android hacking toolkit for penetration testing.

ZAnti is a very useful toolkit that is focused on mobile network penetration testing which allows manager penetrate risk level of any network with the simple push button integrated on the toolkit, so as to simulate attackers to easily identify the malicious techniques being used during penetration. However, cooperate network security is being compromised.

I’ve personally used the app, and I can testify that the app is one of the best penetration testing toolkits available for android devices. If you missed my previous article which details the best android hacking apps, I advise you go through it.

Download WiFi Kill PRO APK for Android to Penetrate WiFi Networks

Recently, I’ve been trying some useful softwares for penetrating WiFi networks and I’ve seen success in most of the tested programs. I was even shocked at the way most of these programs works, at least, having known their penetration pathway and loop holes, I know where and how to protect my WiFi networks against hackers.

If you’re a PC user, you must have heard about Netcut which stops unauthorized persons from using our WiFi, what about mobile? Do you know that you can easily penetrate through your network and disable any other unauthorized users from making use of your network via mobile?