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Top 5 Best iPhone & iPad Car Racing Games in 2014

Have you ever enjoyed most sophisticated car racing games on your iOS device? Like I said previously, car racing games are very much entertaining games and it drives away your boredom. Recently, we hitted up on some car racing games for iOS devices, and we decided to go with the best five amongst all. Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on the top five best iPhone and iPads car racing games to play this season.


  • 5.     Racing Rivals-
Racing rival is a CIE game production; they have proved racing games to be much fun just as the fast and furious movie street racing is hot. The racing rival is an entertaining iOS game that acquires extraordinary features. Play the game, get to win some coins and diamonds, and use that money to get new cars and to improve your performance. The interseting part of the agme is when you unlock sophisticated cars that you can use to challenge your online opponent that haven’t unlocked any. I would really advice iPhone and iPad users to download this game, it’s really fun.

  • 4.     Real Racing 3-
Real racing 3 is an Electronics Arts game production thatis very realistic and interesting. This game acquires lots of features, and there are lots of things and stages you are required to unlock in the game and also buy. You get to purchase exotic cars and lots of maitainence features also included. I highly recommend the real racing iOS game for most iPhone users.

Top 5 Best & Famous Car Racing Android Games in 2014

Car racing games are very entertaining games that really improves your driving skills relating to reality. I love android car racing games because of the features and archievements. One good fact about racing games is that it drives away the boredom time of the day, and that shows how entertaining car race is to every game freak. Today’s stroll, I would highlight the top five most famous car racings games for android users.

  1. 5.     Drag racing-
Drag racing is one of the coolest android car racing with over 50 officially liscensed cars and gives you room for car purchase and also mechanical upgrade of purchased cars for better performance. There is also a challenge mode where you can challenge a 1 on 1 race or even a 10 player challenge which leads to a pro league. It also has a competitive multiplayer mode, where you can select an opponent online, that you wish to play with. Drag racing is quite an interesting android racing game that I recommend you should download.

Call Of Duty: Modern Welfare 3 Free PC Game Download (Full Version)

Call of Duty: Modern Welfare 3 is a highly fascinating First shooter game that is well recommended for all Game lovers.
On our previous post on Gaming, I made mentioned of the five top first person shooter (FPS) games that is highly recommended for our PC in 2014 and Call of duty: Modern Welfare 3 also made it on our list. That's really a good news to say.

Call of Duty logo

Taking of the developnment date and industry of the Call of Duty 4, Actually, it was released on the 8th of November 2011, developed by infinity ward and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

The Game mode(s) of the Call of Duty: Modern Welfare 3 comprises of the Single player mode and the Multiplayer mode.

You can take a scan on the screenshots below:
Call of Duty logo

Call of Duty logo

Call of Duty logo

Call of Duty logo
Call of Duty logo

PC System Requirements:

Operating System- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

Minimum RAM- 2GB

Minimum Processor- Intel Core2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor

Video Card- Shader 3.0 or better 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT / ATI Radeon X1950 or better

Hard Disk Space- 16GB

Happy gaming.. Enjoy!!!
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Dead Trigger 2: Best First-person shooter Android Game

Dead trigger 2 is an awesome first-person shooter game that was released in 2013 and fully launched 2014.
It's also a multi-platform game by Madfinger Games. It's also a single player zombie-themed shooter and the continuation of the previous version (Dead trigger).

Dead Trigger2 logo

The story of the game is all about fighting zombies monsters in various cities.

The version of the game that you would be downloading from the links I would drop below is a modded verion of the game with cheats loaded in it, that can enable you full your health, increase your cash and also your ammo and grenades.

Dead Trigger2 logo

How to install dead trigger on your Android phone or tablet

Step 1: First download the apk and data from the below links..

For Mali type GPU/CPU download apk file here and it's data (obb) here

For PowerVR CPU/GPU type, dowload the apk file here and it's data (obb) here

For Tegra CPU/GPU type, download the apk file here and the data (obb) here

For Adreno CPU/GPU type, download apk file here and it's data (obb) here

Step 2: Then on your android phone, move to settings/security/unknown Sources, then make sure the box is checked.

Finally: You can now download and install the game successfully.

Happy gaming.. Enjoy!!!
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Download WWE 13 Full PC Game Free

WWE 13 is a Professional Wrestling Video Game under the Wrestling Genre. It was released on the 30th of October 2012, developed by Yuke's and published by the 2K sports.

Actually, the game concentrates on the Attitude Era of WWE, substuiting it's Road to Wrestlemania mode with an attitude Era mode, in which the players are to play through the attitude Era in six different storylines.

In the Gameplay, it consist of Exhibition, Creative Suite, Attitude Era Mode, Universe Mode, e.t.c. The game also achieves a single player challenge and multiplayer.


PC System Requirements:

Operating System- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

Minimum RAM- 1GB

Minimum Processor- Intel Core2 Duo at 2.40GHz

Hard Disk Space- 2GB

Graphics Card- 512MB supported Nvidia GeForce

Direct.X- v9c

Happy gaming.. Enjoy!!!
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Download Left 4 Dead Full PC Game Free

Left 4 Dead also Known as L4D is a cooperative first-person shooter game which is developed by the Turtle rock studio, which was later purchased by the Valve coporatioon durning the long run of it's development, and distributed by Electronics Art.

Left 4 Dead Game is a horro gameplay, where the four survivors are to fight off the infected humans while trying to escape in other to make their way a safe house. The Game mode is divided into four modes, which includes:

1. Campaign mode: In this mode, the players takes control of the suvivors; that is, when four himan players are avaliable to take the place of the survivors.

2. Versus Mode: This mode is similar to a face challenge, where the human players are to play against each other, that is, two human patners act as the infected or diseased in the gameplay, while the other two human players would act as the suvivors in the gameplay and lots.

3. Survival: This is a timed mode of gameplay, where the players tries to survive as long as possible against the long lasting or never-ending flood of the infected.

4. Single player mode: Unlike the campaign mode, you are four humans playing the game, but in the single-player mode, it's only a human [the player] and thre other bots that acts as the survivor.

PC System Requirements:

Operating System- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

Minimum RAM- 1GB

Minimum Processor- 3.0GHz

Minimum Hard Disk Space- 7.5GB

Happy gaming.. Enjoy!!!
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GTA San Andreas Game Free download Full Version for PC

GTA San Andreas is a cool Action-Adventure game that is produced by leslie benzies, developed by Rockstars North and published by Rockstars Games.

GTA logo

GTA San Andreas is played from a third-person perspective within an open world environment, which enbles the player interact with the game world at their spare time.

Few Screenshots Of GTA San Andreas PC Game

GTA logo

GTA logo

GTA logo

GTA logo

key Faetures In GTA- San Andreas:

1. There is presence of wieght fluctuation
2. You can aslo customize your car
3. There is also presence of Gang War
4. You can also buy weapons and Gadgets, and also build them.
5. Myths is also prensent in the game, like seeking out for wild beasts and ghosts by including a kind of suspicious gameplay element, unlike ghost cars.

Recommended: Fifa 14 Game Free Download Full version for PC

Other features Includes:
1. Modified bikes and cars
2. Better Game Graphics from the previous one
3. Outstanding Sound effect, great sound features which includes Live radio etc.
4. More sophisticated Missions and Objectives than the previous one.
5. Rockstar Online compatibility.

PC System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Xp, 7, 8 and Vista
RAM: 512MB Minimum
Processor: 2.0GHz Minimum
Graphics: 64MB or 128MB
Hard Disk: 6GB Storage space

Download Now

Fifa 14 Game Free download Full Version for PC

Fifa 2014 is an awesome soccer game that is under sports and football simulator genre. The Pc version of this game was released on the 28th of february, 2014. It's a single player and multiplayer game mode of player unlike normal soccer games, and it's developed by the EA Canader Entertainments and published by Electronics Arts.

Fifa 14 logo

Top 5 Best First-person shooter Games for PC 2014

Good day my faithful blog readers. Today, I would brief you on the top 5 best FPS games for your PC. With the games listed below, bet me, you would enjoy your moment playing the games. As you know, First shooter game is a common game and a very awesome game genre. Of course, it's more of a multiplayer game mode.

#5 Best first person shooter game for PC:
Counter Strike- Global Offensive

Counter strike logo

Counter strike Global offensive is a very nice first person shooter game for your personal computer (PC). It was released on the 21st of August 2012 and also made avaliable for microsoft windows. The developers behinde this great game are the Valve Corporation and Hidden path entertainment company. Counter strike global offensive game has a multiplayer mode where each player patner with the counter-Terrorist or Terrorist team and make an attempt to eliminate the enemy team and complete objectives.

#4 Best first person shooter game for PC:

Titanfall logo

Titanfall is another great and one of the most rated shooter games. It was realeased on the 11th of march 2014 and developed by Respawn Entertainment and publised by Electronics Arts. It's a nice game that is played on microsoft windows, Xbox 360 and also Xbox one.
It uses an online multiplayer mode, and the game is aided by wall-running abilities and multitudes of computer-controlled soldiers and it's being optimized by continual action and fast paced.

#3 Best first person shooter game for Windows PC:
Wolfenstein- The New Order

Wolfenstein New order logo

Wow! This game is awesome with one of the coolest graphics effect. Wolfenstein - The New Order was released on the 20th of march 2014 and works on platforms which includes, microsoft windows, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. The game is developed by the MachineGames Entertainment company and published by Bethesda Softworks. This game run a single player mode and it's a highly rated shooter game with almost full star.

The Lord Of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring Game for Windows PC

Never confused movements with actions.

Are you bored at home? C'mon, no dulling moments with lovely action games.

Today's stroll, I would make a brief description about Lord of the Rings; The fellowship of the ring game.

The Lord of the rings; The fellowship of the ring chapter game is developed by surreal softwares and published by microsoft windows.

lord of the rings logo

It's a action-adventure game developed based on the first volumeof J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. This is an awesome game, and the three main playable characters in the game are frodo, Gandalf and Aragorn.

lord of the rings logo

lord of the rings logo

lord of the rings logo

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System Requirements:

Operating System : Windows Xp,Vista,7,8

RAM: 512 MB

Video Memory: 64 MB

CPU: Intel Pentium 4@1.8GHz


The Lord Of The Rings; The Fellowship Of The Ring free full games download full version for pc.
Use the alternative links below to download Lord of the rings; Fellowship of the ring game.

Download Link 1: Tusfiles

Download Link 2: Uppit

Download Link 3: Hugefiles

Download Link 4: Putlocker

Game Size: Compressed to 253.8MB

Happy Gaming...
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