Download Left 4 Dead Full PC Game Free

Left 4 Dead also Known as L4D is a cooperative first-person shooter game which is developed by the Turtle rock studio, which was later purchased by the Valve coporatioon durning the long run of it's development, and distributed by Electronics Art.

Left 4 Dead Game is a horro gameplay, where the four survivors are to fight off the infected humans while trying to escape in other to make their way a safe house. The Game mode is divided into four modes, which includes:

1. Campaign mode: In this mode, the players takes control of the suvivors; that is, when four himan players are avaliable to take the place of the survivors.

2. Versus Mode: This mode is similar to a face challenge, where the human players are to play against each other, that is, two human patners act as the infected or diseased in the gameplay, while the other two human players would act as the suvivors in the gameplay and lots.

3. Survival: This is a timed mode of gameplay, where the players tries to survive as long as possible against the long lasting or never-ending flood of the infected.

4. Single player mode: Unlike the campaign mode, you are four humans playing the game, but in the single-player mode, it's only a human [the player] and thre other bots that acts as the survivor.

PC System Requirements:

Operating System- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

Minimum RAM- 1GB

Minimum Processor- 3.0GHz

Minimum Hard Disk Space- 7.5GB

Happy gaming.. Enjoy!!!
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Download Left 4 Dead Full PC Game Free
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