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How to reset the locked counter of a modem

It's no joke whenever you exceeds any given limit in life without achieving it's aim, but there is always a second chance so don't give up.

On my last topic under modem unlock tag, i disccussed issue on how to unlock your old/new stubborn modem, and those who followed my instructions got it all right. But some issues came up with few of my readers through mails, they were very frustrated that they exceed the unlock count limit and they taught all hope is lost.

Most read: How to unlock your old/new stubborn modem

Actually, it's really frustrating. Today's stroll, i would be briefing you on how to reset the count limit of your locked modem.

How to reset the count limit of your locked modem

==>First Download Huawei Modem Unlocker Here
==>Extract the content and run the .exe file inside
==>Click on Refresh. Your modem should be automatically detected so far you checked "AUTO CONNECTION" under connection mode
modem unlock-logo

==>Be sureAuto-Calc Code and Auto-Unlock Modemare both marked
==>Now clickUNLOCK. This should both unlock your modem and reset the counter at the same time
Congratulation! Now you’ve successfully reset “permanently locked” of your Huawei modem to 10 or 5 times again.

Hope this helps, i would like to hear from you if you have any other related issue. And hope you also share this topic to your freinds.
How to unlock your stuborn New or Old modem

How to unlock your stuborn New or Old modem

Have been recieving email from many of my blog visitors on how to unlock there moderm, most avail few didn't. Well most people charge to unlock moderm but here i say no fee requried.

Well am going to be disscussing on how to unlock your new and old stubborn moderm.

Just follow this tutorial strictly and you would grab immediately.

This tutorial goes for unlocking both your new and old moderm. E.g E303 e.t.c
1. Have a Gmail account already or register a new one.

2. Login HERE using ur gmail account.

3. It will display where to input your modem IMEL number and click on GENERATE/CALCULATE.

4. It will not display the unlocking code directly, so you have to click ong+sign below where you input the IMEL early.
So as to dispaly the result of the unlocking code.

5. It will also display two unlocking code. OLD & NEW ALGO. So to know which ALGO code that will unlock your modem then.

6. Input your IMEL HERE to check which unlock code among the two wiill unlock ya modem. The one to use will be display.

7. Now Insect a SIM which is not for the MODEM e.g Airtel sim to MTN modem e.t.c
When it display ENTER unlock code then input the unlocking code you just generate early and BOOM You can now use any simcard or line in your UNLOCKED modem now.
moderm unlock-logo

1.There is no need for Gmail account... Just INPUT your IMEL HERE and follow from STEP 7 to UNLOCK your modem.


Generally when we insert the wrong SIM card in modem then by default it prompt for the unlock code but in case when your modem is not asking for the unlock code we have to manually (force fully) send the unlock code using this tool below.

1. First of all make sure that you have generated unlock code for your modem as stated above and know the ALGO type that will unlock it.

2. Download & Open This Tools HUAWEI UNLOCK CODE WRITE

3. In order to send unlock code we have to select the com port first, Click on Please Select The COM Port, now click on Detect and your port is detected, select it and Click on Accept.

4. Now Click on Unlock Modem and The Enter Modem Code Window will prompt and ask for the unlock code, write down your Unlock code there and click on OK.

5. It will send the code to modem and you will see the Confirmation... Boom... Your modem is UNLOCKED.


1.You will be given 10 credits to unlock your modem per gmail account... So you can unlock like 10 modems with a single gmail account and you can unlock more with anoda gmail

2. Make use of PC or desktop view OPERA on mobile to do this.

3. Your modem IMEL NUMBER is found around the modem parts... So look for it.

If you encounter any problem then let me know.
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