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10 Amazing Notepad tricks to Try Right Now

Notepad is a built-in text editor that is made available on every all Microsoft windows which allows you to read plain texts. The program also comes with some other features like text formatting, font change, word wrap and page setup.

Most of you already know the purpose of Notepad, even some of us make use of it to open and edit XML files (although it’s not a proper program for that) and execute some other important functions on it, but I’m pretty sure that 80% of you reading through this content don’t know some hidden features of Notepad.

How to Perform the Matrix Effect Notepad Trick

The Matrix effect trick is one of the best notepad tricks that can be activated on simple codes. The effect is more like series of numbers that flashes in green color, more like performing a matrix in programming. With just few codes coupled in a batch files, you’re gamed.

All you need to do is input code, random numbers to be shown as described in the code, and make sure that name of the file is in .bat format so that you can easily run the file and get your matrix effect running on your computer.

World Trade center Attack code, 911 Notepad trick

Notepad got lot of tricks and hacks, but the World trade center attack notepad trick reminds me of the September 2001 attack that was coordinated by Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda on the United States. It’s a day that won’t be forgotten by the US citizen.

That’s by the way. The World trade center attack notepad trick is a simple trick that describes how dreadful that day was. Showing a plan, attack zone and the skull crossed. It’s a very old trick, but new to most of you that hasn’t still heard about it. You can also call this trick the 911 Notepad trick.