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5 Best free Antivirus Software for Windows 8 in 2014

Computer Antivirus softwares are programs which is designed to detect, search for, prevent and even remove any form of malicious programs like trojans, worms and other malicious softwares as the case may be.
Keeping our computers unsecured is a very bad habit, and it also expose our system units to viral attack. Of course, the exposure of virus attack to our system is very harmful, due to a computer virus is a malware program that is capable of causing our computer systems to crash. In case you're not aware, the computer virus is of three major classes which are:


• The Trojan Horses: This is a form of malicious program that doesn't duplicate contents, but instead, lets an intruder to access your privacy, by reading your private files and documents. I once made a post on how a friend of my got attacked with a trojan horse.

• Worms: This is another form of virus that do multiplies itself through the use of computer networks and security flaws.

• Email Viruses: This form of virus is a very dangerous type of virus which use email messages to spread to thousands of victims, depending to the email in attack.

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Download Free Internet Download Manager (IDM) v6.12.10.3 + Full Crack with Key

Internet Download Manager is an impressive computer tool that increase the system's download speed +500 percent the normal download. It's an easy to use computer tool that is highly recommended by internet users, and a perfect accelerator program which downloads movies, games, mp3, cd, dvd etc. With a maximized speed.

IDM logo

Other good things about the Internet Download Manager is that, it also lets us to schedule downloads and you can be able to pause or resume a download. The Internet Download Manager also has multilingual interface and does accept proxy servers , HTTP, FTP, HTTPS protocols, firewalls, cookies, directories with authorization, categories and a multiple number of server platforms.

Procedures for Registration into Internet Download Manager:

• Firstly, Install the setup
• Then close the program through the icon
• Once you've close the program, then copy the crack setup from the crack folder and paste it in the default directory (where you did install the program).
• Finally, Run the program and you're done.


Auslogics Boostspeed 6.4 Full Version + Serial Key free Download for PC

Auslogics Boostspeed 6.4 is a symtem utility that helps to speed up, optimize, and clean user's computer. It is also used to fix registration errors, improve internet peformance, remove unwanted files and entries, and defragment the disks and registry.


Key Features:

- Helps to speed up the internet on your computer

- Serves as ads blocker, by blocking banner advertisement

- Helps in organizing and keeping disks and entry clean

- It also Helps to Optimize Memory and Appearance of your computer

- 100% Safety and Speed of your Computer

Tools Type:
It's a Boost Software Product

- It's also an optimization tools

- It's also a Network tools.

File Size: 17.5MB

Download Auslogics Boostspeed 6.4 here

Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup Giveaway: Vote and Win Macx Video Converter Pro

As the Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup Lasts, Some comapanys are begining to launch Giveaway packages, and I know that giveaway packages do engages most individuals.

Lately, I got an information about the Macx Video Converter Pro which worths $50, is now given for free and with this PC software, all world-cup match videos can be downloaded with your computer from the internet, with most of your favourite goal video clips.

Worldcup2014-Giveaway logo

No dulling moment guys, this is a time limiting giveaway package that is waiting for you. So to win the giveaway package, simply follow the below procedure, and the package is yours.

How to Win the Macx Video Converter Pro

Step 1: First go to the giveaway page here.

NB: The Giveaway lasts till 13th July

Step 2: On the left side of the page, click Like button, to predict team that would win the Fifa 2014 World Cup

Worldcup2014-Giveaway logo

Step 3: Immediately after vote, you would recieve a popup message, providing the download link to the licensed Macx Video Converter Pro.

Worldcup2014-Giveaway logo

Congratulations, The Package is all yours.

Brief Features Of the Software:

With this awesome software, you can download any world cup video, be it a 4K HD quality or other high resolution, and the coversion process is very fast and the videos would be coverted to any quality of your chaoice that would be compatible to any device, like Android smartphones, IPhones, IPad, Windows or any operating system.

NB: The Winners of the prediction would also be announced on their official facebook page of digiarty a week after the world cup, so I advice you'd like their page and stay tuned.

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