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Increase AdSense CTR Trick [100% Working] [Latest]

Increasing AdSense CTR (Click-through-rate) is one of the major factors that boost your AdSense earnings. Before I brief you guys on the trick to easily increase your AdSense CTR, let me first explain to you what CTR means and other traditional ways to increase AdSense CTR.

What is CTR (Click through rate)?

Click through rate can be explained as the number of ad clicks that is divided by the number of page views, impression or queries received by that ad.

For instance, if you received 5 ad clicks with 100 page views or impression of that ad, then the click through rate would be equal to 5%.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on a 100% working latest trick to increase AdSense CTR. After implementing this trick, then your CTR would rise between 3%- 6% depending on your website niche. More thanks to +Shahid Khan  and +Edi Dominic Ifediri  for their contributions towards the trick.

NB: This trick doesn't violate AdSense policy, is very much safe, so don't bother asking me if it's against their TOS.

Traditional Ways to Increase AdSense CTR 

1. Design of website

This is one of the major factors that determine the CTR of your AdSense. If your website doesn't have a good design with great layout, then the CTR of your ads would be too low. So try to first concentrate on the design of your website, and make sure that you are making use of a very responsive theme design.

2. Website Niche and Quality Contents

This is another factor that determines the CTR of your ads. For instance, if your website is a blogging/seo niche, then you shouldn't expect a good CTR because you would be getting visitors that already know about your ads and most of them would definitely ignore your ads, but other niche like entertainment, tech, health, make money, etc. are expected to have a better CTR.
However, quality content also matters, because it's the kind of content you publish on your blog determines the type of ads that is being displayed on your blog.

3. Size of Ads / Avoid Ads Blindness

It's believed that larger ads size gives a better result, however increase the ads CTR. To me, its best you to fix the size of ads that fit in to the layout of your theme. For instance, if your side banner has an ads space of 300x250 ads, then I advise you make use of 300x250 ads rather than using a very large unit. What you should try avoid is ads blindness, you should never make your ads look spam, just follow the layout design of your theme and fix the ads. It's also advised you make use of the recommended ads unit.

Considerables for Choosing a Right Domain Name

Your domain name is your websites/business name; your domain name is the first thing to consider before starting a website. A domain names that suite your business is what every body will like to go for. But how do you know that your domain name is the right one for your website.
We are here to know some factors to consider before choosing a domain name for a website/business. Shall we proceed?


Play Arround Your Keyword:
When making a choice for a domain I find some terms or phrases related to what the website is all about then I start pairing them up if I dont still find a suitable name I probably add prefixes and suffixes and sure at the end of the day I can come up with a winning name.

Make It Easy To Remember:
Here is where most people fail. Their websites domain names are not structured to be rememberd easily. Try as much as you can to make sure your website's URL (domain name) is a familiar word that is randomly used. You don't want to have a terrible domain name which no one can ever remember to tell their friends about.

Short Names:
Keep your domain names as short as you can. Long domain names escape ones memory but short names are easy to type and remember.

Top 7 Factors That Determine Your Search Engine Rankings

I know you are here probably because you have a blog/website and you wish to rank it high on search engines. I receive lot of mails from some SEO companies promising to make my blog rank within a week and lots of sort promises, but the truth remains that the algorithms that determine search engine rankings are complex and they are always changing. There's no "one hit" for ranking, there's no one thing you can do that will boost your ranking perfomance to your desire. You need to touch and spice your blog/site allround to have a perfect ranking result. Here I'll share with you the most important factors that determine your ranking; I know you'll love to go along with me. Let's proceed.

Whenever you think of search engine ranking the first thing that comes into your mind should be "Content". Why do search engine regard content? Search engines wishes to deliver the best results for searchers, results that will link to quality content that is relevant to that searcher's query. So without unique and quality content don't expect your blog to rank.
Content is King.

#2. Site structure:
Your site structure (the way your website is built) plays a role in how search engines will rank that site. Clean, well structured and no much error scripts allow the search engines to crawl your site effectively and find what they are looking for. Your ranking is nagatively affected whenever you make it difficult for search engine to crawl on it.

#3. Inbound links:
Something you probably do not know about inbound links. Inbound links count as vote of relaibilty to your blog/website, this makes search enging see your site as quality and a reliable source of information to searchers looking for what you blog about.
A link to your site from a popular site your niche is quit relevant, the sites popularity coupled with the fact that it shares subject matter to your own, make these links very valuable in the eyes of search engines. Buying backlink is bulk backlinks is damn stupid becaus you don't know where you be given backlink from most of those backlinks are spammy so it's adviceable you build your backlink manually.

#4. Load Time:
How quick does your blog load? The load speed of your website is another factor search engines has begun considering in their rankings algorithms. A fast-loading site makes a smooth user experience, and is also a consideration if you want to improve your rankings as well.

#5. Update Frequency:
If you update your blog regularly search bots will frequent your blog to know whats new. Search engines like sites that are attended to regularly, when those search engines index your site and see that it is constantly changing and being added to, it will be accounted for your blog given a positive ranking considerations.

3 Best Secret behind Every Successful Blogger

The era of blogging continues, as thousands of individual jump into the blogosphere for making money sake. Before I get started with today’s stroll, I would love to share a breif experience of a friend of mine, who is quite a famous and rich blogger now.
Five years back, a very close friend of mine had always wished to become a very rich and known blogger, but as of then, he moved with a low mind set which is blogging for money. Actually, his mediocrity was quite enormous and he then jumped into blogging and runned his blog for months without any beneficial knowledge of blogging. After some months, he had noticed that he had not benefited anything from blogging; instead, he wasted more of his live savings for blogging. This very close friend of mine crushed in the blogosphere for about six times still he picked courage though he had made nothing blogging and continued blogging till he makes it by all means, and what I loved most in this guy, was that, he never gave up, always picking courage.
On the long run, he discovered the secret behind every successful blogger, popular and outstanding bloggers that is getting lots of goddies, blogging.
From this brief experience of my friend, you would noticed that he directed his mind set like that of a mediocre, instead of taking blogging as a passion, he saw it as an open market for online business.
There is a fact that you should pick from this little experience of my friend, which is, never go into a business for money’s sake, instead, you grow a passion for that business, in other to grow authority and also become successful in such business.
I know that, there are so many bloggers out there, with such low mind set like that of my friend whan he started years back, bet me, with 3 best secret behind every successful blogger, which I would be breifing you on, you would become a successful blogger, as long as you abide with them.

Top-blogging-secrets logo

1. Relate with co-bloggers:

This is actually the first role that every blogger should play, towards becoming very successful in the blogosphere. Most newbie bloggers do lack the mind set towards relating to their collegues, and that is the reason they don’t succed in their blogging carrier. Having created a good time relationship between co-bloggers and pro-bloggers, then you would get to expand your knowledge in the blogosphere with a well determined mind set.
Another fact behind relationship is that, you should also draw-out your line of relationship to your readers, once you’ve your readers engaged successfully, and then you would achieve more courage towards becoming a very successful blogger in the blogosphere.
I made a write up on the 4 surefire ways to engage your blog readers, please; it would be beneficial if you’d go through it.

2. Be a good writer:

This is another good secret towards being a successful blogger. It’s always said that content is the king in the blogosphere, so being a good writer is of big advantage towards making you a very famous blogger in the blogosphere.

Top 10 Google SEO Tips to follow in 2014

SEO is a means of optimizing or making your webpage or site visible to search engines for natural search results, that is, the higher ranked on the search result page, the more visitors and organic traffic that would be received on that page.

SEO has really helped so many bloggers and web owners in terms of earning and one good thing about search engine optimization is that it helps to drive real human traffic to your blog.

Today’s stroll, I would brief you on the Top 10 Google SEO Tips to follow in 2014.

SEO logo

1. Content king:

Quality content is always the key towards blogging and google respects that. So provide fresh contents free from plagarism, and also contents that are easy to read. Remember that you’re not writing for search engines primarily, so get the contents understood also by your readers. By doing so, your webpage would be easily optimized by search engines and engaging your readers would help to reduce your blog bounce rate, don’t forget that good contents engages your blog readers.

2. Keywords in Title tag and content:

The use of keyword in the title of your content is another fast process towards SEO, and it also helps in ranking your search results. Few other keywords in your content, unlike subheading and body of the content also enable the visibility of your web page to search engines.

3. Keywords in Url:

Applying one or two keywords to your post permalink is another good process towards search engine optimization. So before publishing any post on your blog, always check in for the post permalink to be sure that one or two keywords are visible in the link. I.e Post title; top seo tips, link;

4. Image Optimization:

The use of alt tags and title in all your images helps in search engine optimization. And most times, try to avoid copyrighted images in other to free your web page from plagarism. Also try to optimize your image size to speedin the server load time.

Most Read: 4 Surefire Ways to Actively engage your blog readers

5. Interlink your pages:

This is another good means toward search engine optimization, fixing a couple of contextual links that points to other pages of your website also help in SEO. So try to apply these links on every page of your web pags. And incase you’re linking to other webpages (outbound links); always make sure that it’s to a good site, not spammy ones. With good interlinking, it provides Google Page Rank being shared among your web pages.

2 ways to boost your website traffic using social networking sites pt.2 (twitter)

It’s been known that twitter is another great network for social marketing with one of the hugest audience amongst other social networks.
There are common terms used in the twitter social network which are “tweets” and “follows”. These terms are commonly used in twitter and they also helps in the activities that the twitter social network do run in terms of social marketing.
Today’s stroll, I would be briefing you on the 2 ways to boost your website traffic using the social networking sites Pt.2 (twitter).

1.     Huge followers:
In the perspective of social marketing, it’s common that individuals on the twitter social network with more followers gain much more respect than those with low followers. In other words, you are of more advantage when you have so many followers on your twitter account.
How does this huge followers favour you? Whenever you share a brief description of your business with not more than one hundred and forty words, its ideal that almost all your followers would come across it. So the same term apply for you as a website owner. A website owner is even on more advantage because he or she would receive enough backlinks once you update a brief description of your site which includes your site link.
So the best you can do is to implement the twitter gadgets on your website so that your site visitors can also share your posts link on twitter which helps you gain more audience.
I have once published a topic on this blog on how to get more followers free, so you can take a stroll on that topic and gain as many followers you wish to obtain.

3 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic Using Social Networking Sites Pt.1 (Facebook)

3 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic Using Social Networking Sites Pt.1 (Facebook)

Social marketing is actually a good tool in advertising your product. Most individual do pay to advertising companies for their products to be reviewed and advertised not knowing that the social network is like a free market arena where you can also get your product advertised with no charges. Are you a marketer, an author or a producer, and you need your product or service to reach out to thousands of individual with no charges, then this discussion thread is actually for you.
It takes a wise person to plan out his or her strategies when it comes to social marketing. Today’s stroll, I would base my disscussion on facebook social network, and I would help you in marking out strategies on how to boost your website traffic using the facebook social network. If you are also in one business firm or another, then I also recommend this tutorial for you.

There are three major strategies that I have so much learn to use when it comes to traffic management, this strategies are:

1.     Commitments to facebook groups:
Discussing about commitment to facebook groups, it actually means the way you engage yourself to various facebook groups. Therefore as a blogger or web owner, you are adviced to engage with different facebook groups that are related to your niche (what you blog about).

So here is the point:
First search for facebook groups related to your niche, for instance, you do discuss about “make money online tips”, then you search for that on facebook and join as many groups  as you can under the related keyword, you are also adviced to join groups that are over  (2,000 - 3,000) members occupied already in them.
Then your next line of action is to try relating with them and get to know the policy abiding such groups. Remember that you don’t just join and start posting your web links because it can be seen by some groups as spam, which also declines their policy, and it can attract harsh decision like banning you out of such groups. So, try relating with such groups and try to know their whereabout.

Once you have engaged your self with such groups, then your next line of action is that, whenever you publish a certain topic to your site, try and moves to those groups you have joined, and don’t just paste the link of your url, first write down a little discription of the topic you just updated and then fix a linkback for your site, then you can now publish it to thsose groups. Once any of those group members sees the description of your content catchy, he or she would love to know more, then such person would click on your backlink, by the time you continue same procedure over and over again in all the groups you have joined, then you would notice that the more clicks you get, the more traffic benefited and also interested visitors would be engaged to your site and always comeback for more interesting tutorials.
So getting over 20 groups with 5,000+ members to check on your published tutorial, you must certainly have at least 2,000 views or visitors engaged, well that’s real traffic for you.

2.     Improving facebook fan page:
Fan page of a thing on facebook is one of the things that most bloggers do ignore. Actually, it’s so bad that nowadays, most bloggers still do ignore facebook fan page not knowing that it is one of the advantages that builds up their blog reputation and also favour them in terms of traffic.
In other words, to get much audience on your fanpage, try implementing the like buttons on your blog or website, then also try as much as possible to get all your facebook friends invited on your fan page. You can also try as much to get connected with most of your facebook friends that have more reputation and friends than you, so they can help invite fans on your page.
Getting more fans on your page is likely to increase your blog or website traffic level, but how?
Once you have at least 5,000 likes on your fan page, whenever you make a backlink on the page by updating your site recent posts, then your posts published on your facebook fan page would reach out to 50% (at least) of your fans, in which 48% would eventually end up clicking on your backlink to your website or blogsite. So you can anaylize the amount of visits that you would be getting everyday.