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How to Sync Any Folder from Mac to Dropbox

In this guide, I would brief you guys on how to Sync any Mac folder to dropbox. However, synchronizing any folder from mac to dropbox makes your file or folder accessible from both your Mac and dropbox. And the advantage of this synchronization makes you easily access your file from any other mobile device or computer via dropbox, because it’s a cloud storage.

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Simply follow the below procedures and your task would be successful, as long as you don’t skip a step from the guide provided below.

5 Best Service to Send Big Files for Free

There are many free online service or tools that let's us transfer, send or share large, big or bulky files online. And I would be explaining the 5 best amongst them. Maybe you want to share quite a large number of image series to a family or friend, there are smart ways you can do that. The tools that I would be highlighting below would be of great service to you.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a great file hosting service that can be used to share large files for free. It's being operated by dropbox Inc and it supports operating systems such as Microsoft windows, OS X, Blackberry OS, Linux, iOS, Android OS, Symbian OS and MeeGo Harmattan. Dropbox is a free tool that allows user create folder on their device, transfer and share with a 2GB limit storage on free accounts.

2. Filesovermile

Files over miles are another excellent tool or service to send big files for free. This service requires no sign up and the quantity of file sharing is unlimited (totally free). The interface of the tool is quite easy and it uses a P2P network medium of file transfer between you and anyone you wish to share file with via a unique URL. This service is highly recommended for those who wish to send or share big files at no cost.