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Download EBooks on Latest WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks

Whatsapp messenger is one of the most popular social messengers for smartphone that operates under a subscription business model. The proprietary, cross-platform app uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages.

In the eBook I would be sharing to you, I’ve successfully compiled the latest whatsapp tricks and hacks which details;

Download 50+ Free Collections of Hacking eBooks in PDF

I present to you the 50+ free collections of hacking ebooks and there download links that could elevate your ethical hacking skills.

Disclaimer: The content that you’re to read from those eBooks is just for knowledge’s sake, and I won’t be held responsible if any of the skills learned from those eBook is used for any illegal activities. And copyright and trademarks belongs to their respective authors, so try not to plagiarize any of the eBook.

In the world today, learning Ethical hacking has some great benefits, but most individual make use of it for illegal activities instead. I would advise you learn ethical hacking so that you and your community can benefit from it instead of using it for criminal activities. There are some benefits why you should learn ethical hacking, and I would brief you on that, before providing the download link for the 50+ collections of hacking eBook, which would definitely serve as a big gain of knowledge in your life.

Review – 5 Best eBook Reading Devices

Book reading has changed vastly in past few years. The traditional method of reading the stories through hard-copy is somewhere losing its essence and the technology is overtaking the reading hobby of people. Yes it’s true that the technological advancement isn’t just confined to new cars and smartphones but people are falling amazingly in love with new ebook reading devices that are marking the presence among book readers.

But the question comes, which one to buy? We have numerous ebook reading devices available in market and for any less-tech savvy reader the quest is like creating another satellite. However I personally believe that the quest of ‘which one to buy’ holds answer in our requirements. I mean what you basically want.

I’ll make it simple, television sets do the basic task of broadcasting and entertainment but still we have sets with various features and sizes, depending upon our needs and requirements. Same goes with these ebook reading devices. Let us first have a look at what basic things you should look at before buying any ebook reading device.