Review – 5 Best eBook Reading Devices

Book reading has changed vastly in past few years. The traditional method of reading the stories through hard-copy is somewhere losing its essence and the technology is overtaking the reading hobby of people. Yes it’s true that the technological advancement isn’t just confined to new cars and smartphones but people are falling amazingly in love with new ebook reading devices that are marking the presence among book readers.

But the question comes, which one to buy? We have numerous ebook reading devices available in market and for any less-tech savvy reader the quest is like creating another satellite. However I personally believe that the quest of ‘which one to buy’ holds answer in our requirements. I mean what you basically want.

I’ll make it simple, television sets do the basic task of broadcasting and entertainment but still we have sets with various features and sizes, depending upon our needs and requirements. Same goes with these ebook reading devices. Let us first have a look at what basic things you should look at before buying any ebook reading device.

1-      Number of titles: I believe the first thing you should look at is how many titles your device can hold. Let’s start it this way, when you virtually read or look at your expected ebook reader, you’ll find numerous titles available in their store. Just find out if your device supports audio books, offers magazines and newspapers and the number of languages it supports. Personally what I believe is, a good ebook reading device must at least hold 1000 titles.

2-      Portability: Now this is something general, make sure that your device is portable; I mean compact and lightweight (and if it offers both Wi-Fi and 3G its best). Keep in mind we are talking about reading a book, you’ll be holding it in your hand for quite a long time and I’m sure you won’t like your fingers splattering pain and stiffness.

3-      Readability: The third one I would suggest is that the text must be readable. Most of the devices use e-ink technology. However what you need to verify is the built in light it is offering. Make sure it doesn’t leaves you behind with heavy specs, the light must be sufficient enough to read in dim or dark environments.

4-      Features: The last one I would mention here is feature being offered (this doesn’t mean it is least important but someone has to be in last). Major seek should be for features like, adjustable fonts, bookmarks, built-in-dictionary, annotations etc.

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These were some of the features that you should look in your ebook reading device and as promise I’ll be now coming up with the 5 best ebook reading devices review. Here is my favorite list based on all calculations.

 5 Best eBook Reading Devices

1-      Amazon Kindle Voyage: Weighing 180 grams this 6-inches E ink enabled touchscreen ebook reading device tops my list. It offers storage space of 4GB and supports both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Upon first sight it would surely look like any tablet but believe me it’s your reading device. The front portion has a bezel-less display sneaking through high resolution screen (1430*1080) and automatic brightness control feature. The rear portion features angular lines while the side has a power button falling right in your comfortable reach. On each side of the screen you’ll notice pressure-sensitive buttons (PagePress buttons in terms of Amazon). Being a Human you might have one or the other desire waiting ahead but believe me; this one is far ahead of its predecessors and undoubtedly has the capability of serve you to the best.

2-      Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Bringing with it storage capacity of 2GB this six-inches E ink mono touchscreen device weighs 205 g and features 1448*1072 screen resolution. The best thing I find in this is that it is far cheaper in comparison to Voyage and offers everything you need. It is equipped with better screen featuring textured finish. This won’t just add to the looks but will also provide you clear vision. If you are the one using pre-2012 Kindle than I would say the backlight will give you entirely new experience. It has text handling feature that allows you to experience crispier text.

3-      Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight: Though the first sight of this device might make you feel it’s a toy, but knowing it a little can make you fall in love with it. The best thing I found in this device is that in context of features it stands really close to Kindle Paperwhite while in terms of money, this one is cheaper. It you are looking for a basic book reader, this is surely your one stop. Looking at this we have to say that the US book publisher has come-up with a good competition for Amazon.

4-      Kubo Aura HD: Here is our fourth competitor in the list of 5 best ebook reading devices. Just like our last model this one too landed to compete with the Amazon Paperwhite. To keep itself in competition the device offers you good magazine, books and newspapers. Looking at its price this definitely holds the qualities to be second name in your priority list. Not first because it is little expensive than the Paperwhite. As far as features and look are concerned I would say if you are a sophisticated kind of book reader, this will sure provide you pleasure.

5-      Onyx Boox M96: The thing I personally loved about this device is its open platform. The reading device allows you to download multiple apps giving you access to digital storefronts. It comes with 4GB of storage and thus allowing you to store upto 3,500 books. Reading is pretty easy with it through huge 9.7 inches screen however resolution might not feel as good as our previous four. It looks small (not as small as toy, I said that in positive manner) though it weighs little more in comparison to rest.

These were top five best ebook reading devices in my view. The major change here if you’ll notice is either through price or looks. So now decision is all yours, hope you get the best deal.

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Review – 5 Best eBook Reading Devices
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