Steps to Fund Swisscoin Account (E-wallet) using PayPal (Credit/debit card)

Swisscoin is a new crypto currency that was pre launched on May 2016, and launched live on the 4th of July 2016 in Switzerland. Within this short period of time, they’ve gather almost a million investors waiting for their investments to harvest.

If you missed my previous article about swisscoin, I advise you go through it, it’s tagged, “Swisscoin Cryptocurrency Review, Alternative to Bitcoin – Creating Billionaires Worldwide”. For those of you that have already registered, I want you t know that their first split every will occur anytime from now, maybe few days (3-5days) from now, as the indicator signals 84% which after you get double token of your investment.

Funding process is now easy as PayPal funding option has been made available. Therefore, you get to fund your swisscoin account from anywhere via PayPal, if you don’t have a PayPal account, I advise you visit PayPal official website and create one, and then connect your credit or debit card to the account.

How to Fund Swisscoin Account using the PayPal option?

1.       Firstly, log into your swisscoin dashboard and scroll down to shop (in the back office), as seen in the image below.

2.       After that, click on shop and select “Buying packs”.

3.       Select the pack you wish to purchase and add to cart.

4.       Click on “checkout” and select PayPal as payment option.

5.       Confirm all necessary details and precede payment.

That’s it… your e-wallet will be funded and you’ll be issued the token purchased. Once a split reaches 100%, your token would be doubled. You can always withdraw 60% after splits and the remaining 40% can be traded for more. On every split, your coins would be ready for mining.

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Steps to Fund Swisscoin Account (E-wallet) using PayPal (Credit/debit card)
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