How to Clone HDD to SSD without Installing Windows Again

Migrating your data on SDD is a confusing and challenging task until and unless you are aware of how to progress. Traditionally, people try to copy their windows and files and folders to Solid State disk instead of upgrading the drive. This traditional method makes them annoyed, and they end up with either severe problems or they just stop doing it.

Typically, in this cloning process, all files like music, games, movies and photos might not adjust on the Solid State disk. Fortunately, with the use of cloning software it has now become a lot easier to clone HDD to SSD. You can instantly copy your files without any difficulty. For this, you need to do three things.

What Three Things You Must Do:

1.    Backup all your necessary files and folders and then delete them. It will make windows installation small enough to adjust on Solid State disk.

2.    Now, clone your current disk onto the Solid State disk and completely format your current drive. It will move all your user files to the original hard drive and restores all your user files from the backup image. The process of migration of data is entirely fast, and your documents get accessible in minutes.

3.    Get a perfect cloning software to clone on Solid State disk without installing the windows again.

7 Steps to Follow on How to Use the Software:

Nearly, everyone gets annoyed of reinstalling windows when their windows get corrupted or due to some other reasons. Many people also get irritated of making massive backups like windows 10 backup along with a lot of documents on their USB drive. Don't forget to read how o customize windows 10 (tips & tricks).

No matter, if you are new to these things. But if you have the proper guide to using any software, and you have the perfect cloning software, the usage of that software becomes easy. So, what you have to do is to follow the step by step guide of cloning the HDD to a Solid State disk and relax with the fear of losing you precious data.

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Clone HDD to an SDD

1.    We recommend using “EasUsTodo Backup” software. When you have downloaded it on your PC, launch it.

2.    There you will see many tabs. Since we are cloning, click on “Clone”.

3.    Now a new popup will appear in the software. Select the source disk you want to clone.

4.    Now click “Next”.

5.    Now in the new popup, you will have to choose the drive where you want to clone. Now check on Sector by Sector Clone. This will clone all sectors from the source disk to target disk.

6.    You can preview the layout of the disk in advance option.

7.    Now click “Proceed” to start cloning.

By following this guide, you will surely get rid of pain caused by reinstallation of windows or backup of documents. Now you can easily clone your HDD to a Solid State Disk without wasting your precious time.

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How to Clone HDD to SSD without Installing Windows Again
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