5 Best Apps to Check Important Statistics on Android

I’m pretty sure that most of you haven’t taken full advantage of your android device. There are amazing android applications that can be very helpful in checking various statistics o your device. You get to know how long your device is being used, data usage, hardware information and some other important statistics.

Today, I’ll highlight the top 5 most amazing application for checking stats on android. I’ve written guide about some of them, so I’ll provide you guys with their download link via the already detailed guide so you can also read more details about the applications.

Download Whatsapp Video Call APK for Android to Activate Video Call Features

The whatsapp video call features is one of the most anticipated features that everyone has been patiently waiting for. Now, you can easily activate the Whatsapp video call features by downloading their beta application with the integration of the video call feature.

With this application, you’ll see an option for making video call, although the app is still beta mode, so the video call button isn’t functional yet, but it would introduce your android cell phone to start making video calls via whatsapp.

Presently, the video call features is on most messaging application which includes the hangout, Facebook messenger, Viber, snapchat, skype and some other popular messaging application. So it’s left for Whatsapp to fully integrate the video call features. Hope you’ve also come across Google’s new messaging apps, Allo and Duo.

Upcoming Infinix X521 will have fingerprint sensor and 13MP Camera

We’ve long anticipated the first Infinix device to feature a fingerprint sensor and now it’s here. The Infinix X521 device is an upcoming Infinix device that was first spotted on Nairaland with Fingerprint sensor, sleek design and full metal body.

Image courtesy: Adebayooye

Photo credits goes to Adebayooye the Nairalander. At first, the number wasn’t made known, but I also spotted it on the body of the device as X521. No word on the exact name, so you can take a guess on that.

Download Latest WiFi Password Hacker Free Apk for Android

You are about to download the latest WiFi Password hacker Free Apk for Android.

If you’re looking for one of the coolest prank apps, then you can start with the WiFi password hacker prank app which lets users feel like a pro hacker for those who falls for your prank. It’s an app with a cool hacking-like interface with matrix that makes it looks real.

So, if you ever wanted to prank people or friends, then you’re advised to download the WiFi hacker prank app to let them fall for your prank. We already listed some working WiFi hack method for android. So, if you’re also looking for real means, no prank, to hack WiFi network, I advise you go through the guide.

How to rotate a Video on iPhone or Windows PC

There are times we take video record on our iPhone device on a wrong orientation, only for us to get bad experience while trying to play the video while our iPhone is on prostrate form. Unlike other videos, already recorded videos don’t just rotate as iPhone rotates, it rotates in the form on which video was being recorded.

To clarify what I meant above, maybe, you took a video record on your iPhone device, maybe turning your iPhone 90 degree left, after record, you wish to watch the video in the normal portrait or landscape mode in a wrong orientation, only for you to see an upside down or reverse display mode.

How to Enable LED Flash for Calls and Notifications on Android and iPhone

Activating LED flash for alerts, phone calls and notifications from any messaging app is one of the known features that you can find on an iPhone device that is, by default, the iPhone device comes with this feature but not integrated on android phones.

This feature serves as an alternative to sound alert, maybe, your device is in meeting mode, but you want to also get notified for any alerts or notification that comes into your device, then I advise you enable the LED flash for alert feature so you can get notified by your LED flash blinks.

Download Psiphon Pro Lite Handler Apk Android for Free Browsing

I’ve used series of VPN apps for free browsing on Android, and Psiphon pro lite handler is one of the best so far. If you’re observant while using the normal psiphon application, you’ll experience difficulty with connection, that’s the reason most of you complain of tweak not working whenever a working free browsing tweak is updated.

I took my time to analyze the psiphon pro lite, and I came to discover that there is no much difference between the normal psiphon and the pro lite, just that the pro lite version is a modified version which connects faster than the normal psiphon app and gains more stability after connection.

Download WiFi Password Unlock Free Apk for Android

You are about to download WiFi Password Unlock Free Apk for Android.

The Wifi Password unlock as termed is an application used to unlock WiFi password. I’ve personally not tested the hack level of this app, but the reviews from the source rates it as satisfied, so you can try your luck, and see if it works as termed or might be a kinda prank app that lets it look as if you hacked a WiFi password.

The WiFi password unlock app is a free app; I’ve already shared some other WiFi password hack apps that you might find useful.

Getting started with Galaxy S7 Game Launcher (Quick Guide)

Recently, I’ve been trying some few tricks on a colleagues Galaxy S7 smartphone, and I discovered that the device featured so many tricks that you can hardly discover on any other android device. One of the most unique features integrated on the Galaxy S7 device is the Game launcher system.

The Galaxy S7 Game launcher application is a central app that gathers all the existing games on your Galaxy S7 device and launching them into a mono-interface, that is, you get to launch any downloaded or existing game via the game launcher. With this technique, you get to modify the gaming resolution and other necessary settings for maximum or optimal gaming.

How to Enable Blurred UI (LP) Feature on Android Phones

Blurred UI feature is what enhances the interface of your device with an amazing look. The UI of your android device gets blurred like that of an iOS device and everyone would begin to wonder how you got that feature on your android smartphone, because it’s found on iPhone devices by default.

To enable the blurred UI (LP) feature on your android, you’ve to make sure that your device is rooted; this would work on kitkat, lollipop and marshmallow devices. As long as you’ve installed Xposed framework on your device, you’re good to go.