How to Jailbreak iPhone & iPad running on iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3

We’ve waited long for this moment and finally jailbreak for iOS 9.2, 9.2.1, 9.3, 9.3.1, 9.3.2 & 9.3.3 is out. So if your iOS device is running on any of the above Apple operating system, you’re safe to jailbreak using the guide illustrated below.

Before you proceed, I hope you’re aware of the risk on jailbreaking your iOS device. However, to lessen the risk, try to create a secondary Apple ID, as the Pangu jailbreak would require an apple account to continue process. So, you’re advised to create a new apple ID and finally, you’re to upgrade your iOS to 9.3.3 as it supports pangu jailbreak.

Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro Features Remix OS, Specs and Price

Tecno finally unveiled another android pad device tagged with codename “DroidPad 10 Pro”, that is, the professional version of the usual tecno DroidPad 10. However, speculations that this device would feature remix operating system seems true.

Those of you who are computer enthusiast should know that the Remix OS is based on ARM architecture an Android-x86 — a x86-port of the Android operating which normally enables users to run Android apps on any compatible Intel-based personal computer. So, the Tecno droidPad 10 pro featuring the Remix OS, simply tells that the device would definitely feature a custom desktop interface.

Download Prisma for Android and iOS: Best Photo Editor for Modern Art Filter

Prisma is now officially available for everyone for download and it’s now tagged as one of the best photo editor for android and iOS devices. However, when it comes to editing your photo into a modern artwork, then prisma is the best application for the task.

This application features 30 different filters that can modify any image into an artwork, stunning photo effects and within the short period of the app launch, the engagement on the app is massive as they now have millions of daily users making use of the app to edit photos.

[Latest] Download N (Nougat) Launcher Apk for Android

As known, the Android Nougat operating system has been made official, developers preview already available for Nexus devices and most features of android N can be integrated on android devices running on Lollipop and marshmallow operating system.

We already detailed guide on how to install android Nougat on Nexus phones, rooting guide already made available and for those of us running on lower android operating system can tweak our device by using android N launcher and making use of android N features following my previous guide tagged, “how to enable android Nougat features on any android”.

Watch Live Sports Online 2016: Top 10 Sports Streaming Sites

Recently, I’ve been trying to figure out some other cool ways I can easily watch live matches online. Although, we already got some Live TV stream apps for Android and iOS devices and it’s quite comfortable streaming with those apps. But come to think of it, you might be with friends and want to watch some live match through computer and that’s when these Live sports streaming sites comes to being helpful.

Watching live sports online is one of the biggest things that can ever happen to you. You get to select leagues or type of sports to watch, unlike sports channels on your DSTV that keeps you limited. One of the biggest advantages of streaming live sports online is the fact that it does brings to you a live buffer feeds unlike the apps you use on smartphones that might be 3-5mins late. Outside that, you can always make use of these sites to get yourself updated with latest sports feeds without even taking extra time on your television.

How to Highlight, Copy and Extract Text from any Image Online

Ever thought of extracting text content from an image? Sounds impossible right? Well, I’ll reveal the trick I use to extract text content from any online image. I can even choose to do same on images on my device.

I know that most of you have been looking for ways to extract text content from images, maybe, you came across some inspirational or motivational image quotes, and you plan on putting those texts content down. I’m pretty sure that you do that manually, not knowing that you can easily copy text from image and paste.

How to Clone HDD to SSD without Installing Windows Again

Migrating your data on SDD is a confusing and challenging task until and unless you are aware of how to progress. Traditionally, people try to copy their windows and files and folders to Solid State disk instead of upgrading the drive. This traditional method makes them annoyed, and they end up with either severe problems or they just stop doing it.

Typically, in this cloning process, all files like music, games, movies and photos might not adjust on the Solid State disk. Fortunately, with the use of cloning software it has now become a lot easier to clone HDD to SSD. You can instantly copy your files without any difficulty. For this, you need to do three things.

Steps to Fund Swisscoin Account (E-wallet) using PayPal (Credit/debit card)

Swisscoin is a new crypto currency that was pre launched on May 2016, and launched live on the 4th of July 2016 in Switzerland. Within this short period of time, they’ve gather almost a million investors waiting for their investments to harvest.

If you missed my previous article about swisscoin, I advise you go through it, it’s tagged, “Swisscoin Cryptocurrency Review, Alternative to Bitcoin – Creating Billionaires Worldwide”. For those of you that have already registered, I want you t know that their first split every will occur anytime from now, maybe few days (3-5days) from now, as the indicator signals 84% which after you get double token of your investment.

The New Airtel N25 for 500MB & N50 for 1.5GB Night Plan

Airtel finally unleash another night package as they scrap the previous unlimited night plan. This time, they made replacement of the hourly unlimited plan with N25 for 500MB and N50 for 1.5GB which also counts to be valuable.

This package works on any network capability, including the 3G and 4G LTE network speed unlike their 200 for 2GB & N500 for 6GB plan that limits us to just 2G network. But, you can now increase the speed by surfing through hotspot from your mobile to PC.

GLO Jollific8 offer: Enjoy 8times value of all your Recharge

Finally, GLO launches another amazing package to all their new subscribers. The offer “Glo Jollific8” lets user enjoy 800% bonus on every recharge, that is, you get to enjoy 8times the value of all your recharge with extra bonus data plan on top. WOW!!!

So, if you’re a new prepaid customer on GLO network, then you’re eligible to enjoying 8times value of every recharge on your GLO network. However, you will be given not just voice bonus but also data bonus for internet surfing.