GLO Borrow me data – How to Borrow data bundle using GLO

Finally, the grand masters of data, GLO unveils the GLO Borrow me data option. This option allows their customers borrow extra data bundle once he or she is out of bundle. With this package, you get to borrow as much as 2GB data bundle from GLO which you’re to credit them back later.

This package is made available for every GLO customers that have been using their network for at least a month, so from now on; you bother less on going out of internet bundle. At least, you don’t get stranded on accessing the internet.

How to Borrow data on GLO?

To borrow data on GLO, simply *321# and follow the onscreen procedure to opt-in for one of the offer, which includes, auto borrow, borrow now and borrow data. So once you’ve borrowed any data package, you would be debited from any future recharge made on your GLO line.

What do you think about this offer? Cool right? Although all these networks are looking for strategies to extract more papers from us, but I think we can also benefit from this mutually. Feel free to share this info with your friends.

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GLO Borrow me data – How to Borrow data bundle using GLO
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