Avast free 38years liscence key for PC

Avast licence Code for PC users for 38years!!!

To input the code follow the steps below and get your PC secured for the next 38years to come.


1. Double Click on any Avast
Icon on your Desktop to Open
your Avast Antivirus Software.

After opening it, Click where
you see MAINTENANCE, then Click Registration, then look
down at the tab where you
see Offline Registeration,
below it, you will see Insert
Licence Key, after clicking
Insert Licence Key a dialog box will be displayed where
you will input the Licence Key.

2. Then put the Below licence
key in box:


Thats All and your Avast
Antivirus will never Expire until

Note:- There is only one valid licence key for avast.
Be sure the avast is version 8.
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Avast free 38years liscence key for PC
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