How to turn your Pc into a wlan wireless device- Share connection with others

This tutorial has been on desk for a long time.
For a very long time have made researches on how to turn my Pc into a wireless device, but each forums keeps posting trash.

Finally, i meant up with a very high ICT tutor that deals mostly with softwares and also creates software.

Well how do we turn our Pc into a wireless device?

MSI Access Point is an easy-to-use soft­ware that turns your MSI laptop into a Wi-Fi wireless accesspoint.


So anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing

Also, your iPhone, PDA, mobile or whatever Device can Share Connection with your Laptop, They can enjoy the Internet by connecting to the wireless network broadcasted by it.

This is a Perfect Replacement for Connectify, Connectify is cool too but due to Upgrade Problem, Many People are not Using it.

Now, Just Connect your Modem to your PC, Connect to the Internet, ON MSI Access Point and Share your PC Connection with your iPad, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Other PC and Other Devices.


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How to turn your Pc into a wlan wireless device- Share connection with others
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21 November 2013 at 15:05 delete

where can I download it?

Thanks for sharing.

21 November 2013 at 15:27 delete

Well you can't get Msi downloaded like an app.. Its an inbuilt software, that have different drivers..

To turn on your Msi simple press Fn+F8..
Any other questions let me know

16 March 2016 at 16:10 delete

Hello admin.
I just read this post today, on this method of turning pc into a wireless device to share connection.
This method does not work on my dell-pc with windows 7 running.
I pressed Fn + F8, to open Msi, but nothing opened.

Please tell me what could be wrong, or why I couldn't use that command on my pc.
Also tell me any other command or method to open Msi.

Thanks and expecting your response.

16 March 2016 at 17:05 delete

this method is an old one, and I already updated latest trick on turning your PC to wireless hotspot.. I advise you make use of connectify, it would help