Blackberry company recently launched BBM channels for Blackberry devices

The Blackberry company was really biased since they gave up the BBM messenger to android company.
Since then, they have been working hard to implement new features on there device and now they have introduced a new features on BBM.

Blackberry channels is what am talking about. This latest features on BBM works just like a forum, it let you post messages, share pictures, spark discussions, debate, when you want to get in on a conversation, you can comment on a post or reply to someone else's comment to keep the discussion going.

By re-posting to your own Channel you can share info you’ve found on other Channels that you subscribe to.

Friends, the interface is far different from the normal BBM you used to know. If you don’t have it then you don’t have BBM on your device.

Why You Should Download BBM Channels?

==>Create a BBM Channel, Join or opt out of channels

==>Channel owners can post messages, share pictures, spark discussions, post animated GIFs and chat directly with subscribers

==>Allow BBM Chats with You
– Optionally allow your subscribers to start a BBM chat with you, even if they’re not in your contact list

==>Chat Hours – If Allow BBM Chats with You is enabled, use this option to specify when you are available to chat

==>Allow Comments on Post – Optionally prevent subscribers from leaving comments on posts in your channel

Where Can I Download It?

To start using BBM Channels beta, update to the latest version of BBM or visit appworld.

Available for only Blackberry Users at the moment. Android and iPhone users should continue using the one installed on their device.

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Blackberry company recently launched BBM channels for Blackberry devices
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