Hack your java mobile to start minimizing applications

Have you ever taught about hacking your Java mobile?

Do you know that hacking your java mobile makes it perform the minimizing function.
On our last forum disscussion, we disscussed about all nokia version codes you need to know, and with that topic you don't need any guru or engineer to repair or flash your mobile.

Hacking your java mobile you would require a cable and Pc.
This procedure is tested and comfirmed on Nokia X2 and C3.
Follow this below procedure strictly:-

Download and install JAF Software then download and install nokia ovi or pc suite.

Restart your phone, connect it to your pc via data cable. Select ovi suite.
Now download and install OGM JAF pkey emulator, extract and then run it An error will popup written " BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED" click ok Now follow the screenshot..
First click on the BB5 category then then ckeck on the ticked boxes after ticking them as shown in the screenshot click on "service" button.
Few seconds later a save prompt will appear.
save it on your desktop for easy access.
Now open that pp file in notepad.
It will look something like this [Product Profile RM-614_357902041714805] SETS 1 ELEMENTS 2 SET 1 0 31 1 0 Right after SET 1 write 48 2 like this.
[Product Profile RM-614_357902041714805] SETS 1 ELEMENTS 2 SET 1 48 2 0 31 1 0 Save that pp file by CTRL+S.
Come back to main JAF window and follow the above screenshot.
This time click on tick on upload pp. After few seconds the file upload prompt will appear.
click on the pp file that You saved a few moments before.

Congrats... Your java is finally hacked!!!

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Hack your java mobile to start minimizing applications
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