Recommended manager for your computer and android device

Mobogenie is Your all in one application that is avaliable on both android device and PC.

If you as an android user don't or havn't come across this great application then you are in a dulling mood, wake up dudes and get what's best for you.


This application have some very great features as follows:-

Easy File Transfer- Did you ever wish you could carry the data in your PC on your phone? Mobogenie makes it possible! Transfer pictures, videos, music and other data between your PC and phone... all with just one click!

SMS Manager-
Relieve yourself of managing the scores of texts and ads in your inbox. Or send texts to multiple contacts on a special occasion!

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To get Mobogenie app for your PC Click Here

For android users click here
This application is very much compatible for android device above v2.2

Advice:- One thing that matters is backup that is why this application is recommended for your device.

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Recommended manager for your computer and android device
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15 December 2013 at 19:42 delete

i hv t on my pc bt it dose'nt connect with my phone or must i hv t on d phone also

16 December 2013 at 18:00 delete

hw cn i download it on my htc phone