Top 6 affilate networks for bloggers

Good day my blog readers. Today is another day, and no time spent going through this tutorial is a waste. Previously on our tag ‘blogmoney’, I made mention of blog optimization and we know that without getting to know about blog optimization then blogging tips would be poor. I also indroduced to you the top 5 ways you can make money blogging, if you are not conversant with that, I would advice you to go through the previous tutorials.

The most popular affiliate programs out there for blogs are Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon, and Ebay, jumia and konga. A great way to integrate these into your blog is either through banners ads or reviews.
When writing a review make sure you include a description of the product, the benefits, the disadvantages (don’t leave this out because adding the negative points about a product will make your review more credible to your readers), how the product has helped you, and add your affiliate link to the site where they can buy the product.
This is a great technique because it’s pre-selling to your readers and will help to encourage a higher conversion rate.

Top 6 affilate programs for bloggers
1.       CLICKBANK:
Clickbank sells only digital products such as video courses, ebooks and software. You can find a huge range of products to promote and it’s very easy to do. Also, a lot of the payouts are 65%-75% and on average about $30. If you go to Clickbank’s marketplace you can sort the products by different criteria and categories.The marketplace is filled with thousands of products that you can promote. It’s free to setup a affiliate account, so you can begin exploring potential products and services instantly.

Commission Junction has a range of different affiliate programs for a range of products; both physical and digital. You can get paid for either a lead or a sale.
Webpage at

3.       AMAZON:
Although Amazon doesn’t pay as big of a commission as Clickbank and Commission Junction does, it is good at converting clicks to sales. Plus there’s a variety of ways they provide you with to advertise their products on your website, such as rotating widgets displaying lots of products and Amazon aStores that allow you to have a whole customized Amazon product store on your blog.

4.       EBAY:
Ebay is similar to Amazon and has a large range of products you can promote on your blog. They also have a Pay per Click program too.

5.       JUMIA:
Jumia is also a nice affilate platform that pays you 9% commission fee to be received 30days durning a customer’s purchase.

6.       KONGA:
Konga is similar to jumia and has a large range of products you can promote on your blog and also pays 9% commission fee.

Here is an overview of how to choose the best products for your niche:

First visit the affilate program webpage and move to the Marketplace or affilate link section. Then, enter in keywords relating to your market in order to generate a page listing products and services that you can promote as an affiliate customer. Whenever you view the details of any given offer, you will see stats located under each listing, one of these statistics is called gravity. The gravity rating in affilate service is just an estimate of the most recent sales for a particular product. The higher the gravity rating, the more popular the product is among affiliates since it appears that the product is receiving a large number of sales. When a product also has a high gravity rating, since sales are factored in, it means that the product is converting. That’s the critical aspect of selecting a product to promote within the affilate service. You always want to ensure that the product you are promoting actually converts.

Hope you benefited from this tutorial; I would love to hear from you, so if you have any related issue, kindly notify that in the comment box.

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Top 6 affilate networks for bloggers
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