5 Must-Have Free Android Apps for Business

The Android smartphones is of great use in the business world and organization. Most times, you don't have to take your laptops and PC's to your workshop when a mini computer that is very well intergrated with awesome functionalities is just inside your pocket.

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The truth is that, 90% of most business activity that is proceeded with a computer can also be completed with the use of your android phone or tablet, so why don't you save the stress of performing multiple task on your PC when your android device is just right beside you.

Today's stroll, I would highlight the 5 Must-Have Free Android Apps for Business.

#5. Free Notepad: (Download Here)

Notepad is a very useful business app for android smartphone. I've so much loved to use Notepad on my android device whenever am preparing any minor tutorial or article, this has actually helped me alot. Most times, I'd travel out, leaving my personal computer behind for over months because I've my Notepad in my android smartphone that helps me perform my task with ease. So if you're a creative person in terms of drawing and painting, the notepad is also recommended for you.

Below are some highlighted features of Notepad:

- Presence of search notes and drawing
- It automatically saves your notes and images into the Notepad folder
- It can also be used in painting and drawing
- It can also Edit the name of pictures and notes
- other pro-paint acheves also included and many more

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#4. Cloud Print Plus: (Download Here)

This is a better version of the cloud print with lots of advanced features. Actually, the key function of this app, is to help print your file from your android phone or tablet.

Key Features:

- This app serves as printer manager
- It also enables your device to share printers with your colleagues
- It also helps in sms, drawing, mail, webpage and contacts printing.
- Printing can also be done from facebook, google drive, dropbox etc.

#3 Evernote: (Download Here)

Evernote is a very usefull and the most top-rated android business app that helps you remember all activities across your android device.
It can also be used to jot business notes, create to-do list, capture photos and the jotted note is easily found whether at home, at work or anywhere.

Other Features:

- It enables you add handwriting and sketches of your note
- It also helps Sync, Save and share files
- It also achives advanced functions like, organizing notebooks by tags
- It also helps connect to other apps you'd make use of.
And many more awesome features.

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#2 Google Drive: (Download Here)

Google Drive is also another useful business app for your android phone or tablet that helps store all your important documents, upload photos and videos and other vital files.

Key Features:

- It helps to Upload vital files to drive directly from your android phone or tablet
- Enables file sharing to colleagues
- It also helps to access shared file from your friends on Google drive
- It also manages file on the go and makes any type of file avaliable offline
- It also view PDF and office dociments and other useful features.

#1. QuickOffice: (Download Here)

The quickoffice app is also a top-rated business app that helps edit Microsoft Office Documents, presentations and spreadsheets on your android phone or tablet.

Below are some key features that the quick office achives:

- It helps very well in documentation, like, creating and editing Word, Excel and also Powerpoint files.
- It can also help to access file in Google drive and also on your android phone or tablet
- It also helps to open PDF documents.
- It also helps you to attach files to emails
- It also enable file sharing through previously shared Google Drive folder.

Bottom Line:

It's very compuslory for every business personality to download the highlighted apps above, because it's a must-have app that would be beneficial to you on most of your business activities.

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5 Must-Have Free Android Apps for Business
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