Create Awesome Photo Collage, without Costing, Downloading, and Registering

Almost everyone has digital photos shot with iPhone or camera. They can be about travel, birthday, holiday, baby, wedding, and so on. How to preserve these photo memories with a unique way, instead of leaving them alone there? Then I want to say that photo collage is the best way to collect more than one photo together in one large place and keep them remembered for a very long time. Collage can also be sent to friends or families as unique gift.

Usually, people would use some photo collage software to put their photos into a collage arrangement. But if you don't want to spend any money to buythe software and the take lots of time to learn the regulations of how to use it. You can still make your own photo collages with minimum effort.

The Internet offers us many useful photo tools for creating collages. FotoJet from Pearl Mountain is the one that I will recommend today for you. It doesn’t require any advanced skill or extra cost. It’s a free online collage maker that helps you turn digital photos into amazing collages in seconds, without the hassle of registering and downloading.

Its gorgeous assortment of templates will meet all kinds of your needs; no matter you want to create 3D collage, Creative collage, or Modern collage. Besides this, you can find many wonderfully designed templates for Social Media. As a Facebook addict, it’s surprising to find these Facebook cover photos, and Facebook post photos. If you use Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, you can also find the design you want. All of these social media graphics are user-friendly designed with proper size that you don't need to resize or crop the picture before uploading to use.

When it’s time to prepare gift for occasions of birthday, graduation, wedding, baby, and valentine or for holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc., don’t worry, it also provides an easy and quick solution for you. By using its photo card templates, it’s just a few clicks away to finish a unique card with personal greetings.

We usually want to add some texts into collage design to express feelings or describe the photos. It’s good to see that FotoJet offers many preset text samples for us. Or you can add a new text box and then customize the font, size, color and other effects. You can make your collage design more personalized by adding clipart images and setting custom background.

When you don’t choose templates to start, you can design a collage from scratch or work with the “Classic” mode where hundreds of fully customization classic layouts are offered. The size and arrangements of each layout can be easily changed, allowing you to drag as many images as you want in any order onto a layout.You can change its border width and corner rounding freely.

When you finished your collage design, save or share it quickly. You can see many beautiful samples of what FotoJet can develop with on this page.

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Create Awesome Photo Collage, without Costing, Downloading, and Registering
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