5 Best Data or File Sharing Apps for Android With High Sharing Speed

There are many resource for data sharing purposes on android devices, but most of these apps are junks and don't manifest their primary purpose. However, there are other great data sharing apps which do manifest their functions.

With data sharing apps, you can be able to share almost all information or documents (in any format) to other android phones or tablets.

Previously, I published an article which details the best utility apps for android, and I know that most of you must be enjoying those apps. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys about the 5 best data/file sharing app for android.

1. SuperBeam

Superbeam is the fastest file sharing android app that shares big files between android device through the use of WiFi direct. Superbeam also let's you pair device with the use of QR codes (which scans the code of the device) and also let's you make use of NFC or the manual sharing key. The superbeam app also have some other fantastic features like;

Sharing multiple files in just one click
Sharing files of any type of format
Fast sharing speed and so many other features.

2. Xender

Xender is another great file sharing app which was previously know as flash transfer, and it's WiFi based app that works on all android phones and tablets. This app makes uses of WiFi to speed-en up the transfer speed but it doesn't require internet connection.

Other Features of Xender;

Ability to connect with more than one android devices and share files simultaneously.
It let's you use the Swipe n Share features, that is, selected files can be shared by just shaking your android device
You can easily browse all type of files through the app and many more.

3. Fast File Transfer

This is a very useful app that let's you share large files between android devices. The app is so fast that it can even transfer a 1GB file within 4mins. Isn't that awesome? The beauty of the app is simplicity.

Other features of Fast file transfer;

It is capable of sending multiple files or all the files contained in a folder in Zip format.
It's interface is very much user friendly and easy to understand.
It can receive from any WiFi enabled device and any operating system which supports WiFi
The app also works offline
It also display QR code, which helps in fast transfer of data
It also makes use of NFC for pairing
Ability to send to unlimited number of devices at the same time and many more.

4. Bluetooth File transfer

The Bluetooth file transfer is another fast file sharing app that makes use of Bluetooth and can transfer files to any other Bluetooth enabled device.

The features of this app is numerous, so I would just mention a few, which includes;

Transferring files of various types of format
Shares large files within few minutes
Extract and also compress files to be shared.
Helps in terms of power saving management
Also browse any format of file from your device and many more.

5. Send! | File Transfer

This is another exclusive file sharing app for android device. The app provides you with the easiest platform to send any files offline to other android phones and tablets.

The app acquires great features like;
Auto detect WiFi direct, for file transfer
Make use of the NFC pairing mode between devices
No cost for large file transfer.
Quality pairing using QR code (scanning code)
It automatically save the list of device you paired with.
You can easily access received files and many more features

Over to you

The above data/file sharing apps are really great and perform many functions. There are also other file sharing apps that do exist. However, the above apps highlighted are tested and trusted. So if you know of any other file sharing apps for android device that you feel should make the list, feel free to let us know via the comment section.

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5 Best Data or File Sharing Apps for Android With High Sharing Speed
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