How to Boost the Sound Quality and Volume on Mac

The Mac computers is known to be the best computers. Most of you that makes use of Mac computers might not be satisfied with the default audio level of the computer or the sound quality of the computer whenever you are watching movies online or off-line or streaming other videos or audio from your Mac.

The reason for this article is to guide you on how you can easily boost the volume and sound quality on Mac.

How to Boost the Sound Quality and Volume on Mac

 To boost or improve the sound quality and volume on Mac, simply follow the below steps;

» Mac running on OS X Yosemite or any later version
» Boom 2 ( you can get 14 days free trial or simply make a all time purchase for just $14.99)

Once you have acquired the above requirements, then you can proceed to the below instructions;

1. Make a purchase of Boom 2 via here. Then download it and click on the downloaded file of Boom 2 to mount it.

2. After that, you would notice a separate window of boom 2 icon and application folder. Just drag the boom 2 icon to the application folder.

3. Then open the application folder, followed by the boom 2, the agree to the license to proceed, and you would notice a window for registration.

4. Once you notice the window for registration, simply click on Register and then input the registration code (that's if you have purchased the Boom 2). For those that are using the trial version, simply click on Trial to proceed and then install. If you have password-ed your Mac, then it would require you to input it before the installation process begins.

5. After that, click on the calibrated button. This might take few minutes to calibrated, so be patient.

6. Once the calibration is finished, then click on the Start Booming button.

7. After that, you would have to setup the equalizer. For those who don't have the knowledge of setting up the equalizer, simply leave it at default.

8. Then click on Boom 2 menu bar icon

9. After that, you would then see the traditional volume and sound quality bar, simply slide it to the highest in other to boost the volume and sound quality on your Mac.

10. That's all.

With the above guide, I assure you that the sound system of your Mac would be boosted by 200% and you would start to receive quality audio sounds with high volume effect. So what do you think? Further discussion would be made via comment section.

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How to Boost the Sound Quality and Volume on Mac
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