How to Create Your Web Proxy at Home, School or Work

Creating of your personal web proxy is one of the ways through which you can bypass blocked sites. Previously, I briefed you guys about the top 10 free web proxy sites used to unblock blocked websites. Today’s stroll, I would guide you on how you can create your own web proxy at home, school, work or anywhere.

To create your own web proxy, there are few steps you have to follow, and I would break down the guide to your understanding, so stay calm, and go through this interesting article.
How to Create Your Proxy at Home, School or Work

NB: Before you get started, go to Google and input “my ip” to check your recent IP address, then proceed with the below guide, and create yours, then compare the IP to ensure that you created your own IP.
  •   Firstly, download and install WAMPServer, then you would notice the icon of the program on your system tray.
  •   Then right click the icon and select “Localhost”. Then the WampsERVER setup page would display, which shows that the program is installed correctly.
  •   Then, copy the folder to MAMP or WAMP root directory.
·         For Windows user, the root directory is located at c:\wamp\www\
·         For OS X users, the root directory is located at Application/MAMP/htdocs/
  •   After that, you can now test the proxy, by launching your browser, then input http://localhost/phproxy/ from your address bar, to test the proxy. Once the phproxy page displays, then you are on the right track.
  •   The next thing to do is to locate the IP of your computer, by simply opening the command prompt and then input “ipconfig”. Then your IP address would be displayed. Remember to take down your IP address, because it would be needed during the next step.
  •   After that, forward port 80 on your router by opening your router’s configuration page (it can be done using your web browser via your local network). Then simply input the router’s address in your address bar. To find your routers address on windows , simply go to start >> Run and enter the following commands in the Run box, “cmd/k ipconfig” then the IP address which is listed under “Default Gateway” is that of your router’s IP address. For Mac users, simply open the terminal app, and run the following command, “route –n get default” then the address you get in the “default gateway” is your router’s address.
  •   After you have accessed your router’s address and input it to your address bar and enter. Then open the port forwarding section, create a new rule which is meant for your server’s private IP address, and ensure that the range of the port is set to 80 and also enable the TCP and UDP traffic.
  •   Once the port forwarding setup is completed, simply find your public IP. To find your public IP, go to Google and search for “my ip” then your public IP would be displayed.
That’s it; your personal public web proxy is successfully created. You can also make use of your public IP to unblock blocked sites at school, work or home. Just follow this brief guide to unblock blocked websites with your web proxy.
  • ·          Go to your web browser, the input “Your Public IP/phpproxy/” into the address bar.
·         Using your web browser (Firefox for instance), click Menu button >> Options >> Network tab >> Settings. Then tick the box that shows “Manual Proxy Configuration”, then enter your own proxy address in the “HTTP Proxy” field, hen enter port 80in the “Port” field and click OK. Then save your settings. With that, you have successfully unblocked block websites at school, home or at work.

So what’s your say? Hope you did enjoy the guide. If you got any related problem, please do let us know via the comment section, and we won’t hesitate the resolve it.

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How to Create Your Web Proxy at Home, School or Work
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