How to Setup and Use iCloud Tabs on iPhone or iPad

iCloud tab is an impressive features for Mac, iOS or Safari users which let's you open and view any website that is opened from your other devices using iCloud. However, viewing those websites from another device limits the feature to work on just safari internet browsers.

Previously, I published an article, which details the top web browsers for iOS devices. It's quite a great article recommended to all iOS users. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on how to setup and use iCloud tab on iPhone or iPad.

How to Setup and Use iCloud Tabs on iPhone or iPad

First off- Ensure that the iOS devices you are using to perform the operation is signed in with same iCloud account.

After that, with both devices, launch the safari browser and go to any website of your choice, maybe mine ( Lol!

Then select any of the device (iPad or iPhone), which you are to then tap on the Tabs button. The tab button is located on the lower right-hand side corner.

After that, scroll down to the list and you would see the list of iCloud tabs that is being opened on your other device.

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That's all. You can then use from the list displayed and select on the tab you wish to continue with from your other device and continue with your browsing.

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How to Setup and Use iCloud Tabs on iPhone or iPad
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