How to Upload Social Display Photos without Cropping on Android

Generally, whenever we take a photo with our android device, the dimension of the photo doesn’t come in a squared shape, so we get to crop the photo whenever we want upload on our Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp as display photo.

So, if you ever wanted to upload your social display profile on android without getting to crop the photo, then this guide is your best shot. At the end of the day, you should be able to upload your display photo without the need to crop the photo.

What’s the secret? It’s no big deal, all you need is a third party application that helps adjust the photo to a perfect square, won’t tamper with the original orientation of the photo, it just add a blur remnant to the photo… just follow the below procedure and take a look at the sample above.

How to Upload Social Display Photos without Cropping on Android

1.       Firstly, download the app “Blur Camera: Square Photo Blur” from playstore and install on your android device.

2.       After that, launch the application, you’ll see different option tabs on the camera, simply tap the “square” option as seen in the image below.

3.       Next, select the image you wish to square and the application would square the image immediately, by adding extra blur part to the image to get a perfect square, as seen in the image below.

4.       Tap the mark button and your image would be saved automatically. You can also share the image to your social profiles from the app.

5.       To get the squared images, simply go to your gallery and you’ll see a folder named “BlurCamera”, simply enter the folder and you’ll see the photos you squared.

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That’s just it on how to square your images. With this, you don’t need to crop your display photos any longer on whatsapp, instagram or Facebook. The application lets us give our image a perfect square shape and it also comes with some other lovely features like mirror images, blur features, pip images and lots more.

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How to Upload Social Display Photos without Cropping on Android
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