How to Access PD-Proxy Premium Version for Free + Unlimited Downloads

PD-Proxy is the PC version of DroidVPN, one of the best tunneling software that can be used to secure your internet connection by encrypting all connections to the internet. Of course, I also publish a related trick on how to access DroidVPN premium for free. So, the trick is recommended for all Android users.

However, with the PD-Proxy server, you can easily unblock or bypass any service which is being blocked by your ISP (internet server providers), that is, it makes a way where there is no way on the internet. For instance, the normal blackberry plans that is being used on only blackberry devices can also be accessed on any PC through the help of PD-Proxy.

The PD-Proxy software also let's you Hide Your IP, that is, no one would be able to track down your IP address.

Other benefits of using PD-Proxy server is that it provides the highest level internet security, it makes you browse anonymously, it also provides WI-Fi security for a wireless world.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on how to access Pd-proxy premium version for free plus unlimited downloads.

PD-Proxy premuim version gives us unlimited access to the internet, unlike the free version that limits us to 100MB per day. The below guide shows you how to bypass the 100MB free version to unlimited premium version without spending a dime.


Firstly, go to their website, and register an account with them.

After that, download and install PD-proxy on your windows PC, and login with the username and password you used to register with them.

Then, you would be give a free 100MB data for daily usage.

Once you have completed the above procedure, then make use of the Demo Server 2 to connect their server. Then make use of the 100MB data to browse.

After connecting to their server, limit your data usage from 70-90MB, then disconnect and quickly click on the connect button again, then you would be allowed to use another 100MB that same day, continue this process and you would notice that you have successfully bypass the 100MB limit. You can also follow this other method below to bypass the PD-Proxy 100MB limit.

This is another interesting trick to bypass the 100MB limit, having used the first method, you can also put this second method to test.

First off- make use of the given 100MB plan, then when you have almost exhaust it, then quickly open websites like YouTube or other video websites, then start downloading your video with YTD Downloader. You would notice that your 100MB limit would be crossed and your downloads is still in progress.

NB: This second method would only work for you once you make use of YTD Downloader. No other downloader would work, not even the almighty IDM (Internet Download Manager).

That's it. With the above methods, you would successfully bypass the PD-Proxy 100MB limit for free users, and you can then browse and download files like the premium users.

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How to Access PD-Proxy Premium Version for Free + Unlimited Downloads
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