How to Activate the Undo Send Feature in Gmail

Gmail has finally implemented the “Undo Send” features into their platform. However, you can now save yourself the embarrassment of sending emails with grammatical blunders or errors.

There are simple steps away from enabling this new features. Just follow the guide below, and the “undo send” features would be activated on your Gmail account.

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How to Activate the Undo Send Feature in Gmail

1.          First, log into your Gmail account.

2.          Once you’ve logged in, point your mouse to the Gear icon and click, and choose “Settings” from the gear menu.

3.          Now, you would get to the settings page, then from the general tab, scroll down to “Undo Send” setup, and check the box that details “Enable Undo Send” to activate undo send.

4.          After you’ve activated “undo send”, also set the period for cancellation, that is, the time interval at which you can quickly go back and undo your sent message.

5.          Once you’re through, simply scroll down and save changes.

That’s it. Whenever you send an email to anyone, and you discovered an error after sending the mai, then you would see a popup that details, “Message has been sent- Undo, View”, simply click “Undo” to correct the message.

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How to Activate the Undo Send Feature in Gmail
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