How to Get Unlimited Twitter Followers (Authentic tools)

Twitter is one of the biggest online networking website that enables users to send and read tweets. However, it’s the 9 most popular website in the work according to alexa rankings, and also ranks high in some other part of the word.

Twitter as a popular social networking website, most website owners or bloggers rely on twitter for traffic, some other individual also gather audience on twitter (followers) for their special operation or purpose.

Getting huge twitter followers makes popular, and it also drive traffic to your website (if you’re a blogger). There are other benefits of getting huge twitter followers.

Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on how to get huge twitter followers with some spectacular means, awesome tools precisely. These tools are website tools, and they’re quite helpful.

1.       Twitter Counters
Twitter counter is a cool website tool that helps you get unlimited twitter followers (depends on you). However, with the list of top 100 people on twitter, simply follow any 10 people you wish to target and each of the people you’re about to follow, open a new tab for their profile (eg: tab 1 = profile 1). Once you’ve executed that action, then follow them and you would definitely appear on their top list followers.

Here’s where the trick comes in, once your name appear on their top list of followers (as a new follower), so anyone that checks on their profile would like to follow you, anyone following them would also follow you, anyone that is also following their followers with definitely notice you first and follow you, anyone that also see their tweets would definitely see yours. So at the end of the day, you get up to 150 followers from those 10 profiles. You can unfollow those profiles later.

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2.       Twiends
This is another powerful tool to get thousands of twitter followers. It’s just like a pay to follow you service, whereby you would be offered some amount of seeds or credits whenever you follow any individual, and then place your bid for others to follow you.

Twiends has been a very active website to get real & active followers, and not just spammy ones. So, I strongly advise you give it a try.

3.       Twellow
This website is another best place to get twitter followers. It’s highly advisable for niche blog owners, in the sense that, you follow people according to category, and you would definitely get unlimited amount of follow backs from people that loves your interest or category.

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Apart from the above twitter tools in which you can use to get unlimited amount of real twitter follows, there are many other beneficial tools. I would take a break for now, next time, I would highlight more tools and websites to get huge amount of twitter followers.

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How to Get Unlimited Twitter Followers (Authentic tools)
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30 June 2015 at 06:08 delete

Nice one bro, one reason I don't do all these is the fact that I can't target a particular kind of people that are interested in what I share.
do you have any tool that can do that? then lemme know.

30 June 2015 at 08:07 delete

Hi larry, yes. you can target an audience... simply make use of wefollow tools.. it would help.