How to Force Quit Unresponsive App on Mac

Unresponsive apps are applications that aren’t responding perfectly on your mac. Maybe, a program or application that was working well- at a time, hangs or notifies you that the application isn’t responding, then the best you can do is to force quit that app.

At normal scenario, you may have try means to quit the app, using the  cancel sign at the top right hand corner, but the app still insist to quit, you don’t have to bother much, because there is an option to force quit any unresponsive app on mac.

 How to Force quit an app that isn’t responding on Mac
1.       Firstly, click on the menu.

2.       Now, you would see Force Quit option, click on it. Alternatively, you can make use of the command, option and escape key from your keyboard.

3.       Once you get to force quit dialogue, then select the app that is not responding.

4.       After you’ve selected the app, then click on “force quit” button.

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5.       Confirm the force quit.

Bonus tips- You can easily force quit a currently running app, simply go to the menu and hold down the shift key on the keyboard, and then you can execute your operation from there.

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Take caution when force quitting any application on your mac, because any unsaved changes that you’re running on that app or program would be lost.

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How to Force Quit Unresponsive App on Mac
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