How to retain a free Copy of Windows 10 for PC

Finally, Microsoft announced that the final build of windows 10 would be unveiled by July. However, the update would be pushed to only windows 7 & 8.1 users for free, if only they retain their copy.
Of course, retaining your copy have to undergo series of procedure, just a few series precisely. And retaining your free copy of windows 10 for PC, your computer should have the below requirements.

1.       Just as noted above, your windows PC must run on either windows 7 or 8.1 (please 8 isn’t included), and users under windows 7 must have at least one service pack installed (you can easily get the service pack from Microsoft’s official website at no cost).

2.       If you’re running under windows 8, then you’re advised to upgrade to 8.1, and also make sure that as an 8.1 user, you should get the latest version which is KB3035583 from here.

NB: Make sure that you set or enable automatic windows update on your computer, so once Microsoft begins to push the final build of windows 10, your computer won’t be left out.

How to retain a free Copy of Windows 10 for PC

1.       After you’ve updated the software requirements as mentioned above, then a windows icon would be available in the taskbar, just as seen below.

2.       Simply click on the icon and select “Learn More” option and follow the onscreen. Before the learn more option you would see a sentence that states, “For a short time, we're offering free updates to windows 10”. Just as I said, follow up the onscreen instruction and keep clicking till you get to the last screen requesting for your email.

3.       Simply enter your email. You can also enter any other email address, as long as you’ve entered an email that would ping you fast, then you’re good to go.

4.       After that, you would be prompt to send confirmation, then confirm details from inside your email account.

That’s it. You’re now registered into their system and you would receive an update of windows 10 operating system for free once the final build is available. Stay tuned till then.

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How to retain a free Copy of Windows 10 for PC
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