WhichPhone- Best Tool for Recommending Android Phones

Recently, Google Inc. unveiled a perfect tool codenamed “WhichPhone”, which helps android fans, recommend the best android phones regarding to the device specifications.

With many Android phones to choose from, WhichPhone is a great place to select which android phone that best satisfies your need. However, everyone has a purpose for purchasing an android smartphone, maybe for Gaming, social Medias, taking photos, being productive, watching videos, staying fit, web browsing and so on.

Once you’re on WhichPhone, then get started, and select what your android device would best serve you for (up to three functions or more from the alternatives provided), then answer questions on how often you would make use of the device for that specific purpose. After that, a button that notifies, “Show My Phones” would pop out, and then click on it. Then you’re to select the carrier type of phone, like At&t, Verizon wireless, T-mobile and sprint. “WhichPhone” would display the list of recommended android phones for you. You can also filter the list by price, size or carrier. Just as illustrated in the images below.

Based on what I need my phone for, “whichphone” recommended the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge, LG G4 and Nexus 6, just as seen in the image above. So, I advise you to give it a try and tell me the smartphone recommendation it made for you via comment section. The tool seems to be very helpful.

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WhichPhone- Best Tool for Recommending Android Phones
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